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Approve the Psychiatric Evaluation of Amaechi, Governor Wike urges President Muhammadu Buhari

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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to approve the psychiatric  evaluation of the  Minister  of Transportation, Chibuike  Rotimi Amaechi for suggesting that he negotiated with the President to allow him emerge as second term governor  in exchange for the President's Victory.

Addressing  Non-indigenes of Rivers State  at A Campaign Rally in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, Governor Wike said that Amaechi's poor psychiatric  condition is responsible  for his inability  to grasp basic political  issues.

"If I am their problem, why should I be negotiating  with the President.  It is utter rubbish.  It is totally  untrue.  The President  should help us bring a psychiatrist to review the situation  of the Minister  of Transportation.

"I plead  with Mr President  to do us this favour because  our son is gone. We want to bring him back", he said.

Governor  Wike  expressed disappointment  that President Muhammadu Buhari sat and watched the Minister of Transportation threaten violence and deaths on Rivers people without taking action.

"I was so disappointed  that Mr President was seated and the Director General of his campaign was threatening violence, singing war songs. Today they signed a peace accord. What will be the meaning of the Peace Accord when Mr President  sat down and listened to his Director General  threaten deaths and  violence?

"I have no problems  with Amaechi's  threat of violence, but can he bring his son to lead the war? I challenge Amaechi, he has a grown up son, who should lead the violence. His son can lead the war and then we will know that Amaechi is serious "he said.

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to call the Minister of Transportation to order. He urged the International Community to hold Amaechi, the General Officer Commanding 6 Division of the Nigerian Army and the Mobile Police Commander of Unit 48 responsible should there be violence  during the elections. He said Amaechi bragging is premised  on the plan to use the military to rig elections.

He wondered why Amaechi is leading the unnecessary push for violence when they are not running for  elections in Rivers State.  He said after dashing the political hopes of several contestants of APC, Amaechi is still leading them to unleash terror on innocent people.

While saying it is foolish  for anyone  to sacrifice his  life for a needless  political battle, Governor Wike  advised Amaechi and his followers  to wait for  2023.

On the Rivers APC crisis, Governor Wike said that he is not the architect  of the crisis, neither he is a party to the crisis. He said that the crisis was generated by the impunity  of the Minister of Transportation.  He said if Amaechi  was intelligent, he would have resolved the crisis  in-house.

He said: "I did not take APC to court . I never went to court against the APC. The matter is between APC and APC. How then did I cause the problem of the APC?"

He Amaechi who did not run election was made Governor  by the Supreme Court.  He regretted that Amaechi is now struggling  to destroy the Supreme Court.

Governor Wike urged Amaechi to learn the art of politics  from him and other masters. He said contrary to the claim by Amaechi that he made him Council Chairman and Chief of Staff, he was the person that made Amaechi governor when the Minister of Transportation  ran to Ghana on exile.

The governor noted that Amaechi simply wants to kill more Rivers people the way his carelessness led to the death of 17 innocent people  at Adokiye Amasiemaka Stadium in Port Harcourt during the APC Presidential Campaign.

Governor Wike said unlike the Rivers APC, the PDP is committed  to peaceful polls because  it is confident  of victory.

Governor Wike said he is unequivocally committed to the election  of Atiku Abubakar because he has the capacity to lead the country out of the woods.

Leader of the Non-indigenes, Emeka Onowu  said that the non-indigenes  will support Governor Wike's  re-election . He said that the victory  of Governor Wike  is guaranteed because  of his numerous projects.

Leader of the Igbo, Chief Dennis Oguibe said Governor Wike is the right leader for Rivers State.  He noted that Governor Wike's works in line with the aspirations  of the people.

Director General of the Rivers State PDP Campaign Council, Ambassador Desmond Akawor said that Governor Wike  has accommodated all groups including non-indigenes.

Leader of Edo/Delta, Mr Henry Iyoha said the governor will be re-elected  because the people have confidence in his ability.

Alhaji Ibrahim Maisundu, Leader of Hausa Community, said Governor Wike will spend eight years at the Brick House.  He said that nobody can stop The re-election  of Governor Wike.

Babatunde  Omotayo, Yoruba Leader, said that Governor  Wike  is god-sent and a leader amongst his peers. He noted that Wike will win by a wide margin.

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