Over 30 People Dead In Gombe Bomb Blast- Red Cross - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Over 30 People Dead In Gombe Bomb Blast- Red Cross

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Fire service men on duty after a bomb blast
A Red Cross official has confirmed that more than 30 people were killed in the two blasts at a market in Gombe, Gombe state yesterday.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which went off around 5:30pm (1630 GMT), but they bear the hallmarks of attacks by Boko Haram.

The militant Islamists have killed thousands in a six-year insurgency in the country’s northeast. In the last two months, they have killed close to 900 people.
“I have 30 bodies in bags and I am sure there are more out there,” said the Red Cross official, who was involved in the evacuation and wanted to remain anonymous.

An official from the National Emergency Management Agency also confirmed that the attacks had taken place and many people were hurt.

President Muhammadu Buhari has made crushing the insurgents his top priority, but hundreds have been killed in bombings and shootings since he was

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