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Mobile phone turned to soap in Lagos – see Pics

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This happened at about 4:20 pm. An Hausa man (Yao as he is called) was accosted by a man who claimed to be stranded and needs money for transport to Badagry. Yao offered to give him 200 but this man had another deal (to sell his
phone), ‘a big Nokia phone’ as described by Yao for #5000, they later agreed #2000 which Yao paid for. He was handed the phone which he tested. To cut the story short, the phone was ‘packaged’ by the man and they parted ways. Yao got home to share the ‘good news’. He dipped his hands in his pocket to bring out the phone and that was what he found. Soap! He said what pained him most was that this man happened to also be an Hausa man cause they conversed in his language.

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