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Saturday, 9 March 2019

We Will Reward You With Nothing But The Purest Love, Presidency Assures Man Who Jumped Into And Drank Gutter Water For Buhari

We Will Reward You With

The Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buharion New Media, Bashir Ahmad, has praised the man whose picture went viral after he allegedly immersed himself in a gutter and drank its contents while celebrating Buhari’s re-election, Aliyu Sani.

Sani was reported by some blogs to have died of gastrointestinal bleeding days after the act.

However, the young man, who was found by a member of the Buhari Media Organisation, Musa Azare, in Bauchi, said he did not die, adding that Sani only jumped into the gutter out of excitement.

Reacting on Twitter, however, Buhari’s aide said the young man, who is a painter, will be moved to the ‘Next Level’ with other Nigerians.

Ahmad wrote, “I have spoken to him earlier, Alhamdulillah for his life, his life will, in sha Allah, be moved to the #NextLevel, same with millions of Nigerians. Aliyu did that for pure love, and he will see purest love in return.”

However, Ahmad’s post attracted over 700 – mostly negative – reactions from his followers who believed he should not be encouraging such “an irresponsible act.”

May Ubeku responded, “Someone who drank sewage water did that for “pure love”… You are seriously out of your mind. This is the lowest form of whatever level you guys have dragged Nigerians into. This government has officially institutionalised stupidity and poverty.”

Another follower, Sadiq Farouk, wrote, “It is good he is alive but you need to condemn this kind of stupidity. It wasn’t done out of pure love but pure stupidity.”

“That’s a very stupid and annoying way to express love. How can he put himself in harm’s way to prove his love? You should seriously warn him to desist from spontaneous pattern of celebration in case of next time please”, said Bolaji Kazeem.

Some other followers asked Ahmad why he didn’t also drink gutter water to celebrate Buhari’s victory last week.

Prince Kaycee added, “In addition, quickly send him for a proper medical check and afterward give him some basic education and livelihood… this illiteracy and crude behaviour need to stop.”

Mustapha Sarafadeen called on the police to arrest the young man for attempted suicide.


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