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Mandate CWC, Others Back Enilolobo, Disown Baba Eto, Tayo Ayinde

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In a show of solidarity, members of the Central Working Committee of The Mandate Movement gathered in a meeting to throw their support behind  Chairman, Abdullahi Ayinde Enilolobo, while simultaneously expressing dissatisfaction with the activities of a former Chairman, Cardinal James Odunmbaku (Baba Eto), and the chief of staff to the governor of Lagos state, Tayo Ayinde.

At a meeting held at the residence of the state chairman, all members of the central working committee, women leaders, and youth leaders from various local governments deliberated on how to continue their support for the All Progressive Congress (APC), the Tinubu-led administration, and the Sanwo-Olu-led administration in Lagos.

The Chairman of Chairmen, Chief Olu Arulogun, claimed that the Enilolobo-led Mandate Movement remains the authentic group, insisting that the illegal formation of some people led by Baba Eto and Tayo Ayinde is nothing but fake.

In separate statements, the Woman Leader, Alhaja Mulikat Ajala, and Youth Leader, Hon. Femi John Olumuyiwa of The Mandate Movement reassured their constituents that Enilolobo is the right path for progress.

The Woman Leader underscored Enilolobo's commitment to inclusive policies benefiting women, urging female members to continue supporting his leadership. Simultaneously, the Youth Leader emphasized Enilolobo's dedication to youth development, calling on the younger generation to stand behind him. Both leaders expressed confidence in Enilolobo's ability to lead the movement toward positive and inclusive outcomes for women and youth.

The State Chairman, Abdullahi Ayinde Enilolobo, took the stage, thanking the members for their unwavering backing and emphasizing the importance of unity within the movement. He highlighted the movement's core principles and vision for the future, pledging to lead with transparency and inclusivity.

The meeting, which attracted a significant turnout, also served as a platform for Enilolobo to thank President Bola Tinubu for his recent economic policies and reforms aimed at benefiting Nigerians. He urged Nigerians to be patient with Bola Tinubu's administration, acknowledging challenges but expressing confidence in noticeable improvements within the next few months.

Enilolobo emphasized the complexity of governance and encouraged constructive engagement, assuring citizens of the administration's commitment to addressing concerns. As the nation awaits changes, his call for patience aligns with the expectation that positive transformations will become evident in various sectors.

Enilolobo further saluted Babajide Sanwo-Olu for providing quality leadership and a dividend of democracy for the residents of Lagos. Also, he hailed the Governor's Advisory Council led by Alhaji Tajudeen Olusi, as the GAC ensures the party keeps faith with its promise to Lagosians and Nigeria people by creating a more prosperous, secure, and just society for all.

Enilolobo stated, "We believe in the ideals of The Mandate Movement. Our group campaigned vigorously for all candidates without using the party structure. We don't have money. We don't have connections, but we have God, as well as all of you who have stood behind me.

I was made Chairman by the leaders of our group, in the presence of Baba Eto. After that, the late Baba Badmus took over, and then I was the anointed Chairman, with all your support. It's so sad to see a former chairman wanting to wield powers with the incumbent. Is that possible?" he asked.

The Mandate Movement, known for its advocacy of social justice and community development, has gained prominence in recent years. It's on this note that Enilolobo called for unity and collaboration, urging members to focus on the movement's collective goals. The coming weeks are expected to witness programs by the group as they navigate this critical juncture in its organizational history.

As the meeting concluded, Prince Adewale Arogundade from Mushin local government raised a motion to reaffirm the leadership of Abdullahi Ayinde Enilolobo and was seconded by a former local government chairman from Somolu, Hon. Olorogun Gbolahan Bagostowe. All members of the central working committee, local government chairmen, women leaders, and youth leaders from various local governments unanimously supported the motion.

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