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ECOWAS asks Senegal to fix new date for presidential poll soon

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The Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has asked Senegal to "expedite the various processes" and fix a new date for its presidential poll.

The West African bloc said this on Saturday following the decision by Senegal President Macky Sall to postpone the country's presidential poll indefinitely.

Sall said he postponed the election over "controversies" surrounding some of the 20 candidates seeking to replace him as president.

In a statement, ECOWAS said all stakeholders should engage in dialogue to ensure "transparent, inclusive and credible elections".

"The ECOWAS Commission expresses concern over the circumstances that have led to the postponement of the elections and appeals to the competent authorities to expedite the various processes in order to set a new date for the elections," the statement reads.

"The Commission further urges the entire political class to prioritize dialogue and collaboration for transparent, inclusive and credible elections.

"The ECOWAS Commission salutes President Macky Sall for upholding his earlier decision not to run for another term, and encourages him to continue to defend and protect Senegal's long-standing democratic tradition."

The commission said it would continue to monitor the situation in Senegal.

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