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Parallex Bank Wins Agency Bank of the Year

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Once again, Parallex Bank has claimed the spotlight at the prestigious Businessday's Bank and Other Financial Institutions  (BAFI) Awards ceremony, clinching the esteemed title of "Agency Bank of the Year" during the recently concluded event in Lagos on Saturday.

Mr. Frank Aigbogun, the Publisher of BusinessDay, revealed that Parallex Bank had been nominated for the 2023 Agency Bank of the Year award by the BusinessDay Research and Intelligence Unit (BRIU). This recognition stemmed from the bank's exceptional agency network, which has made banking services conveniently accessible across multiple locations in Nigeria. The bank's extensive partnerships with various agents, retail outlets, and financial institutions were also cited as pivotal in providing comprehensive banking services to customers in both urban and rural areas.

Aigbogun praised Parallex Bank's use of cutting-edge technology to offer secure and user-friendly banking channels, highlighting the bank's significant investments in advanced digital platforms, mobile banking applications, and innovative self-service kiosks.

The Publisher also commended Parallex Bank's customer-centric approach, emphasizing the bank's personalized services, tailored product offerings, and responsive customer support, which have nurtured strong relationships and trust with customers. He further acknowledged the bank's impressive financial performance, reflecting sound business strategies and practices.

It is worth noting that Parallex Bank, in under a year of operation, was recognized as the "Challenger Bank of the Year" at the BAFI 2022 Awards and honored with the "Excellence in Agency Banking Award" at the 2022 Finnovex Awards. Dr. Olufemi Bakre, the Managing Director of Parallex Bank, underlined the significance of these accolades, emphasizing that they validate the bank's founding vision, which centers on addressing the banking needs of Nigerians. 

He reiterated the bank's unwavering commitment to providing a limitless banking experience, underscoring that it's not merely a catchphrase but a commitment in action.
Dr. Bakre pledged that Parallex Bank would persist in delivering top-notch services to Nigerians and remain dedicated to achieving widespread financial inclusion throughout Nigeria via its agency banking services. He extended his gratitude to Businessday for its decade-long consistency in acknowledging excellence and assured that the bank would continue its dedication to delivering exceptional services, with the aim of garnering more accolades in future editions.

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