Kolapo Alimi Goofed On His Defence Over Dissolution Of Statutory Commissions By Governor Adeleke - Rotimi Makinde - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Kolapo Alimi Goofed On His Defence Over Dissolution Of Statutory Commissions By Governor Adeleke - Rotimi Makinde

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Former lawmaker who represented Ife Federal constituency at the National Assembly between 2011 to 2015, Hon. Rotimi Makinde has took a swipe at a serving Commissioner under Governor Ademola Ademola, Kolapo Alimi over his defence for the dissolution of Statutory Commissions in Osun State.

The All Progressives Congress, (APC), chieftain in his renewed condemnation for the dissolution of Statutory Commissions in the State issued a fresh statement on Thursday insisting that Governor Adeleke did not follow due process and that all those supporting him are sycophants who are only interested in their pecuniary gains at the expense of the people with total disregard to the rule of law.

The State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Oluomo Kolapo Alimi, had made a funny clarification that the Governor received the best legal advice before taking the decision, positing that 'the dissolved commissions suffered legal deficiencies in their making'.

According to the Commissioner, the Commissions were set up under “The State of Osun”, a platform already declared illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction.Suffice to say the judgement was appealed but for their ulterior motives they seems to have abandoned the case.Nevertheless,the same state of Osun once appointed Alimi  as a commissioner and Osun Judicial Service Commission that I served which is now being described as illegal along the lines appointed several men of the bench, are they now  illegal too or those Public funds received by Alimi were also  illegal ?. I guess he also forgot that I as an individual was appointed by the same apostles of State of Osun who appointed him and my appointment was only renewed by the last government who found me worthy as against what Alimi described as flaws because he has to be seen to be a loyal leech..To me ,Alimi is simply dancing to the music of his master and forgetting that he has only his legal profession to return to at the  end of this Adeleke government, it's the same legal profession he’s today making its mockery and twisting the fact of the matter on behalf of this government that are laying wretches here and there.

But the staunch critic of the Peoples Democratic Party-led government in Osun State completely disagreed with Alimi and his principal, in his official statement Makinde said: 

“I sincerely don't have history of telling lies especially on issues of topical national issues, and for those who know me, I also don't engage in frivolous matter, my time is always precious to me, so I use it judiciously.I usually pick my fight. Once again, I make bold to say the dissolution of the Osun State Statutory Commissions by the Governor was utterly ill-advised, it is not in the interest of the people, it is illegal and an affront on the tenets of the rule of law and total abuse of office as well as the ethos of democracy.”

“Meanwhile, during the constitution of the membership of the Statutory Commissions by the past administrations, stipulated laws were never violated, the Governor (back then) His Excellency Adegboyega Isiaka Oyetola and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola took painstaking efforts by following all legal requirements and the members were illustrious sons and daughters of the state with many indelible feats in their various endeavors and records are there to prove this. 

“One thing must also be clear, I am not raising this alarm because of my involvement as a member of Osun Judicial Service Commission, neither am I just calling for the reversal of Governor's decision but for the price that I owe posterity and generation yet unborn, I felt it is necessary to set the record straight in the overall interest of our dear state.

“As a lawyer, Kolapo Alimi should have ordinarily known that members of Statutory Commissions are meant to exhaust their tenures in office before any Governor can relieve them of their jobs, kicking them out of office abruptly through executive fiat is unnecessary and doesn't put the image of his porridge master,Mr. Governor in good light. 

“Alimi outrightly failed to educate his principal, rather he exposed himself to a show of shame by struggling to be politically correct for his today pecuniary gains just like what every other sycophants will do.  Here is a man with huge moral and integrity deficits, a clear liability to Adeleke's government. With a serial betrayer and an inconsistent character like Alimi around Adeleke, the best is for such a government to be writing their handover note soonest.

“I truly found it very appalling to read Barrister Kolapo Alimi's defence who today is operating from the other side of the political divide and making a statement to support the illegality of the present Osun State government on the dissolution of the statutory Commissions.

“Its really despicable to also see a legal practitioner and a former commissioner in the same State of Osun or Osun State who is known to be a die-hard lieutenant of the Brand Master of the State of Osun making comments that further project him as an enemy of the people and the veracity of his claims are distasteful and laced with deception. He has committed the greatest sin against his conscience.His statement shall remain on goggle for life.Sad to also note that Alimi is not a realist, for him not to realize that the only thing that is permanent in life is change itself.

“I urge all well meaning indigenes of Osun State, civil rights groups, and other critical stakeholders to join me in this struggle and rise to the ocassion, condemn and call for reversal of this barbaric and uncivilized act. This is not about APC, it is about truth, justice, equity, fairness, propriety and good governance so that Osun State will be delivered from the hands of hawks, sycophants and political scavengers.”
Makinde stated.

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