It’s ridiculous to say yacht was put in budget for Tinubu’s comfort– Minister of budget, Atiku Bagudu - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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It’s ridiculous to say yacht was put in budget for Tinubu’s comfort– Minister of budget, Atiku Bagudu

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Atiku Bagudu, minister of budget and national planning, says it is ridiculous to suggest that the controversial presidential yacht was put in the supplementary budget for President Bola Tinubu’s comfort.


On Thursday, both chambers of the national assembly passed a N2 trillion supplementary budget.


However, the house of representatives reallocated the budget to the students’ loan programme.


The senate and the house would have to harmonise and take a position before the budget is transmitted to Tinubu for assent.

Speaking with reporters on Friday on the sidelines of a three-day cabinet retreat at the presidential villa, Bagudu said “personal comfort” does not matter to the president.


“The mischaracterisation or controversy that followed from the way the navy described the ship has unfortunately generated controversy,” the minister said.


“If [you have] a budget of N2.2 trillion [and] 95 percent of it is okay, I think President Tinubu should be given credit for it.


“More so, President Tinubu has always told us his team that he is happy with all he has achieved in life, personal comfort does not matter to him.


“Before he was elected president, he stayed in a three bedroom apartment in Abuja.

He lives a modest, humble life.


“So to suggest that something was put in the budget for his comfort is ridiculous.”


The minister said during the campaigns, Tinubu promised to address the country’s security challenges, which is why 30 percent of the supplementary budget has been earmarked to the security agencies.


 “Equally, he has spoken about the need to support vulnerable populace and keep promises equally 30 percent of the supplementary budget is also on the on palliatives,” Bagudu said.


He added that the country’s infrastructural needs got 25 percent of the budget.

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