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Parallex Bank Strengthens Commitment to the Creative Industry

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Parallex Bank has once again showcased its unwavering dedication to nurturing and bolstering the creative industry. The bank sponsored the "Becoming" masterclass organized by Stars and Legends Entertainment, specifically designed for students at the University of Lagos.

In collaboration with the United States Consulate in Nigeria, the "Becoming" Masterclass had a primary aim: to impart crucial knowledge to creative undergraduates about harnessing and safeguarding their ideas to achieve financial success. The event, a delightful blend of education and entertainment, featured accomplished artists such as Cobhams Asuquo, Dr. Tee Mac, American singer, songwriter, and Grammy Award winner Maya Azucena, and other seasoned professionals who served as facilitators and entertainers.

During the masterclass, students received invaluable insights on several key aspects of their creative journeys. They learned to trust in their dreams, transform into better versions of themselves, build and promote their personal brands, safeguard their intellectual property, refine their talents into skills, and manage their finances effectively.

Dr. Olufemi Bakre, the Managing Director of Parallex Bank, emphasized that the bank's sponsorship of this masterclass is part of its broader initiative to empower the Nigerian creative industry to realize its full potential. He acknowledged the industry's abundance of untapped talents that require platforms for refinement and growth. Dr. Bakre further revealed that Parallex Bank is contemplating the establishment of a dedicated unit within the bank to focus on nurturing the creative industry's growth.

Highlighting the bank's commitment to collaboration and partnership as core values, Dr. Bakre expressed Parallex Bank's readiness to engage with creative industry stakeholders in creating mutually beneficial avenues for industry growth and advancement. He commended the United States Consulate in Nigeria for its belief in the creative industry and for joining forces with Stars and Legends Entertainment to make the event possible.

Samuel Peterson, the organizer of the masterclass and Chief Executive of Lukrush Records, outlined the primary objective of the "Becoming" masterclass. He emphasized that the overarching goal is to equip participants with the essential skills, knowledge, and opportunities required to excel in the fiercely competitive creative industry. 

The students were treated to captivating live performances by Cobhams Asuquo, Maya Azucena, and emerging artists, leaving them inspired and energized.

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