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Hamas Attack: Nigerians safe in Israel – Envoy

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Israeli ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, has assured that Nigerians and other nationals of other countries living in Israel are safe as Israeli Defence Forces attack Hamas terrorists.


Freeman disclosed this on Tuesday while addressing the media in Abuja, the nation’s capital.


The envoy said there was no justification for Hamas to launch the horrific attack on civilians on Saturday.


He said the Israeli forces will eliminate Hamas so that there will not be a repeat of this to Israel or any country.


Speaking about the safety of Nigerians, Freeman said, “Everyone is safe in Israel. Nigerians are safe. We will do everything we can to avoid civilian casualties. But the civilians will get killed, we should be prepared for that.”


Condemning Hamas, the envoy said, “There is no justification for Hamas to attack. They have no right to hold children and women.”


“Their major headquarters is under a hospital in Gaza. We are focusing on ensuring that everybody is safe, and how we are going to do that is to eliminate Hamas,” Freeman said.

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