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CCC Ijako Invites all parishes to their 60th anniversary, preaches unity among members worldwide

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Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo, Abeokuta City 

The parent of all Celestial Church of Christ, CCC in Abeokuta, situated in Ijako area has called on other celestial churches in Ogun state to celebrate their 60th anniversary together with them being the origin of all the Celestial churches in Ogun state. 

The Shepherd in charge, Sup. Israel Fadairo invited all believer of Christ, Celestial family worldwide to attend the 60th anniversary of founding the church which will be held on Sunday 5th of November, 2023 at the church premises in Ijako, Abeokuta city.

The church also called on the staunch believers of Celestial worldwide to contribute to the building of Cathedral Church beside the main church in Ijako—Ijemo area of Abeokuta. 

Diving into the pool of history, The Celestial Church of Christ in Abeokuta, Ogun State, started in 1963, at Sodeke; the residence of late Chief Odewole, whose daughter was battling with a life-threatening illness. Upon hearing about PAPA OSHOFFA's visitation, he ensured he visited him severally at both MAKOKO, Lagos, and PORT NOVO, Republic of Benin for a spiritual solution to his child’s ailment. It is worthy of note that God of CELESTIAL, through Papa OSCHOFFA, healed the girl of her infirmities. 

PAPA, however, suggested that a branch of the church be brought to Abeokuta; citing the omnipresent nature of God. The idea was well received by the late chief Oguntoyinbo, hence his residence at Sodeke was used as a temporary place of worship. Earlier on, Papa had held neighborhood crusades (IKEDE) in the town which made the church gained new members.

Rev. Pastor S.B.J OSHOFFA was left with no option than to send some members from Makoko Lagos, led by Leader Robert Abayomi COLE, to oversee the new church, the new converts received the Lagos team. Notable among them were late Asst.Evang. I.M Oguntoyinbo, late Most Snr.Evang. M.O Adekambi, late Pa Opucha, late Snr.Evang. Sotonade, late Snr. Evang. A.A Adepegba, Sup.Evang. Sokanlu, late Sup. Evang.C.K kogbodoku, Sup. Evang. Macauley and their families. 

The already growing church moved to a new location at Sodeke – Somoye’s compound seeking for a larger space for the first harvest of the church which was held in 1964.Having spent two years at yet another location (Lawyer Adefolu’s house at Ake), there was quest to search for a more spacious location for worship after the congregation kept increasing in numbers, Then IJAKO land was leased.

The Ijako church was the first location where permanent structures was erected through the spirited efforts of the elders, and financial support of notable individuals when it was 13 days to the 1966 harvest, the church building was erected even as the late Pastor Founder was on ground for physical and spiritual supervision of the church building to ensure the 1966 harvest was successful.

As the church grew in leaps and bounds through the neighborhood outreaches (IKEDE), there was a huge turnout of fresh converts and before long, new parishes within Abeokuta and beyond were founded; among these are: CCC Iyetedo Parish established in 1966, through Most Snr.Evang. Moses Obasa Adekanmbi, who was a cape Prophet as at that time.

Other parishes established includes CCC Ilaro… Established in 1971, CCC Ijebu Ode…. formerly at Obalende garage, CCC Ibara, Abeokuta, CCC Totoro Parish Abeokuta, CCC Eruwa through Ldr. Odebunmi among others.

Meanwhile, it is imperative to note that the Pastor Founder had put the leadership of the growing church in the hands of Leader ISAIAH MOBOLORUNDURO OGUNTOYINBO as the first indigenous shepherd in Abeokuta after the late Leader R.A COLE returned to Lagos. Leader Oguntoyinbo owned this to his passion for God’s works, steadfastness and the good sense of judgement he exhibited.


These two men of God were related by birth, OGUNTOYINBO was their grandfather and one of the girl children got married to Adekanmbi who later became our M.O Adekanmbi. Though I.M Oguntoyinbo was elderly, both of them were very close and were dedicated to the activities of God.

It was the combined efforts of the duo and other vibrant elders that brought about significant advancement to the church recorded in the shortest space of time as evident in the daily conquest, healings and deliverance was accomplished. 

Most notable among the several testimonies was the victory over the death The Most High gave a member, known as MAMA SOBANDE, an Educationist and Proprietor of Trinity Nursery and Primary School situated in Ijaiye area of Abeokuta, Who usually record death of her pupils at three months intervals. This ugly trend made parents to withdraw their wards from the school, thus making the future of the school appear bleak and running into jeopardy. 

This situation caused her to run to the church for spiritual consultation through the neighborhood crusade (IKEDE). God intervened and put a final stop to the incessant death through His servants: Leader I.M Oguntoyinbo and the prophet, M.O Adekanmbi.This story is verifiable. Many others looking up to God for the fruit of the womb, and solutions to their various challenges were also blessed with their heart desires. 

Similarly, testimonies of healed epileptic and mentally - challenged individuals abound. All these to the glory of God.  

However, as the church started to grow in christ, there was need to get a bigger space for worship. After much attempts to secure a place, L.S.P Sobande gave part of her landed property to the church as a token of appreciation for the Great Grace she received from God, the new land was cleared with bulldozer to commence service.

It is also of note that as at that time, the only recognized and existing Matron of the CCC Abeokuta, and Ogun State in general was LSES Oguntoyinbo (Mama Michael).

However, some frivolous allegations came up signaling the shepherd, Oguntoyinbo being a dual shepherd i.e he’s a shepherd in Ijaye at the same time still overseeing the Ijako church which had since come alive as congregants living around Ijemo-Ijako found it much closer. He was alleged to be collecting OWO-IGBA - the usual general service collections in both places.

He was also alleged to be engaging in civil works as against the clergy ethics. (Let it be told that he was a granite merchant with vast knowledge in building and surveying. This was where he got “daily bread’ to feed his large family). He was summoned by the church elders to a meeting on a Sunday, where he was literarily asked to choose between the Ijako and ijaye church.

Apparently, they felt he should be excused from the parish even after leading the church to Ijaye and shepharding it for years. He rose from the meeting and led his family members and others that were willing to go with him back to Ijako, to a site that was being used as a praying mountain abinitio, and church service continued in Ijako till date … a pictoral description shows PAPA OSHOFFA praying on the mountain during his visit to the church.

Baba Oguntoyinbo was so much loved by the Pastor Founder for his astute loyalty and selfless dispositions to the things of God. As proof for the above assertion, his piece of land at Ketu, Lagos with that of his wife, Mama Sarah Oguntoyinbo (Solanke), were donated to Celestial Church of Christ; International Headquarters.

Both of them (he and his wife) had gotten plans on how to develop their properties but they freely gave the two plots of land to the CCC. The land documents are verifiable at the CCC Admin office, ketu, Lagos.

As early said, he was a granite merchant and a building expert; so he could afford to buy property in Lagos as at then. Here in Abeokuta, he later had access to his father’s assets from which he gave to some CCC members to build houses. He also had a candle factory. 

Upon his return to Ijako in 1978, he began to face-lift the new site – Ori-Oke. Giving his building skills, he re-routed the access road to the hilly church by constructing 126 steps to the crest, inscribing on the built steps…”CCC ABEOKUTA 1”. The inscription is still there.


After the inauguration of Rev. A.A Bada as the Pastor of the CCC World-Wide made a pastoral visit to Abeokuta, as the headquarters of Ogun State, his first port of call was CCC ABEOKUTA 1, IJAKO. He worshipped and prayed for the congregants. This event was covered by the Concord Newspaper on August 22, 1986. The pictures tell more of the stories.

                     SHEPHERDS IN THE VINEYARD.

Since the passing unto glory of the pioneer shepherd, Asst. Evang. I.M Oguntoyinbo, the church had passed through phases as a number of notable shepherds had traversed the worship centre.

In retrospect, we cannot forget the services of the shepherds who had worked tirelessly for the advancement of the His work. Among who are:

Evang. S.E Odebunmi, Evang. Sunday Etutu, Snr. Evang. Francis Olapejo, Snr. Evang. Benson Ikusedun, Snr. Evang. O Fagbesan, Snr. Evang. Awosika, Snr. Evang. Elegberun, Most Snr. Evang. T.T Ojo, Ven. Sup Evang. Ebenezar Ogundipe, Ven. Sup. Israel Fadairo …. present shepherd.


This is a major and divine call to all SONS and DAUGHTERS of the C.C.C globally who had pass through this land to let us join hands to build the foundation the first shepherd had laid. With your support, we can rest assured that “Ise awon baba wa koni parun” (the labor/efforts of our founding fathers would not be worthless). We are counting on your generous donations towards the edification of His work. 

Thank you all and God bless.



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