TMM Chairman, Enilolobo Extends Warm Congratulations To Gov. Sanwo-Olu's Cabinet, Pledges Support - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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TMM Chairman, Enilolobo Extends Warm Congratulations To Gov. Sanwo-Olu's Cabinet, Pledges Support

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In a momentous occasion that marks a significant step towards the realization of a better and more prosperous Lagos, the distinguished members of the Lagos Executive Cabinet were inaugurated by His Excellency, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. The Mandate Movement (TMM) State Chairman, Abdullahi Ayinde Enilolobo, extends his warm congratulations to the newly inaugurated cabinet.

In a press statement released today by a chieftain of the group, Prince Adewale Arogundade, on behalf of the Chairman and made available to Readership NG, Enilolobo stressed that Sanwoolu's commitment to excellence in governance is underscored by the careful selection of individuals who have taken up the mantle of leadership in various capacities. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise are seen as essential ingredients for a forward-looking Lagos.

The Mandate Movement (TMM) has pledged its unwavering support to the new cabinet as they embark on the challenging task of steering the affairs of the state.

The group believes that the collective wisdom and dedication of these individuals will greatly contribute to the success of the "THEME" agenda - an acronym for Traffic Management and Transportation, Health and Environment, Education and Technology, Making Lagos a 21st Century Economy, and Entertainment and Tourism.

Calling for unity and collaboration among Lagosians, TMM urges the people to rally behind the governor and his team as they work tirelessly to realize these goals. The realization of a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive Lagos, it says, can only be achieved through collective effort.

As TMM stands firmly behind Governor Sanwoolu's vision for Lagos, they reaffirm their commitment to supporting his administration in every possible way. The goal is to build a Lagos that shines as a beacon of progress and prosperity for all.

The newly inaugurated Lagos Executive Cabinet is set to take on the challenges ahead with the support and encouragement of groups like The Mandate Movement. 

Congratulations are extended once again to the cabinet, with hopes that their tenure will be marked by remarkable achievements and positive transformations for the great state of Lagos.

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