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Prosecute bandits for killing children, women, UNICEF urges FG

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The United Nations Children’s Fund Representative in Nigeria has urged the federal and state governments to enhance their judicial systems to ensure proper prosecution of bandits for their various crimes before the courts of law.

Cristian Munduate was addressing newsmen in Maiduguri, Friday, August 18, preparatory to the commemoration of World Humanitarian Day, Saturday, August 19.

Munduate lamented the absence of proper prosecution and punishment for bandits for the various crimes they perpetrate against humanity.

“It scares me that bandits are not taken to courts even though they have been assaulting and killing children and women; abducting and raping etc,” she lamented.

“It scares me that no laws are applied to prosecute and punish them,” the UNICEF Representative continued, urging, “If there is any legal process, I think there is a need for proper punishment for these people legally.”

She said, “We have international laws and also a legal system,” adding, “Of course, the country (Nigeria)  has its national laws and these laws have to be applied to prosecute and punish bandits.”

Munduate faulted the method of relocation of IDPs to their ancestral communities which has still not ended the problems of the majority of the relocated IDPs.

She suggested that the relocation should be a better-planned process that enables the relocated IDPs to properly rebuild their lives economically.

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