Constituents commend Hon. Lanre Edun over comstruction of Obafe–Ajebo expressway, Oluwo, Madojutimi roads - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Constituents commend Hon. Lanre Edun over comstruction of Obafe–Ajebo expressway, Oluwo, Madojutimi roads

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The residents of Abeokuta South federal constituency has praised Hon. Lanre Edun HLE over his performance in constructing Obafe–Ajebo expressway, Oluwo and Majekodunmi roads which has been abandoned over the years by the previous government. 

It could be recalled that Hon. Engr. Lanre Edun through his emporment and employment opportunities has get many jobless youths into active federal government jobs with meaningful payments.

Below is the commendation by a constituent over the construction of roads. 

Well, many have been wondering why HLE deserved to be called ORE ARA ILU
In the history of Nigeria politics, most especially in Abeokuta, Honorable Lanre Edun (HLE) had done wonderfully well and He is still doing excellently, I keep wondering what he would have done if given chance to represent us for 2nd and 3rd times as a member of National House of Representative but out of selfish reasons some are bent on drawing the city of Abeokuta backward developmentally.
We will leave them to be judged by prosperity and am very sure prosperity will never favour them. Many don’t even think about leaving a good name as a legacy to their children, there are so many names in this country even in our dear Ogun state, though their parents have died yet some of their children, are still opening doors of prosperity with the good names left behind by their parents while some names are even a taboo for their children to bear after their demise. Whatever you are doing now history is recording it. One day, a Day of Reconciliation will come and we will never forget roles played by individual of us, it had happened before during June 12 saga and it will happen again very soon.

Is HLE deserved to be called ORE ARA ILU?

Though I am not a politician but as a good citizen of Abeokuta that want great things for his city, I will talk based on what I know, saw, facts and figures.  It had never happened before that a politician will leave office or would not be given a ticket to continue in office and yet he/she would be bent on finishing all projects he/she started talkless of starting new ones. If anyone know of any politician who had that record, he/she can speak up.  All the projects embarked on by HLE truly shows that he is the ONLY ORE ARA ILU among the politicians. I may not be able to highlight all projects but let me talk about those projects I have seen and benefitted from, if you know of any one in your area, you are free to add yours. 

I live in Oluwo - Madojutimi, off Abiola way, Abeokuta through HLE we got the following benefits:

1.  A working and functional 500kva transformer (with wires)
2. A block of 3 classroom at the primary school in Ologbe (popularly called “School Ologbonwon”)
3. Several Solar streets that lit our streets at night.
4. Road construction at Adigbe
5. Facilitating the Construction of Ajebo – Abeokuta expressway (what a great relief to people living and working around that axis) 
6. What about several empowerments?
7. And so many more, too numerous to be listed here.

In fulfilment of his promise to construct our road, (despite the fact that he is not allowed to continue in office as MHR) he has started the drainage as shown in the attached video, what a man of his words
I keep wondering what Abeokuta would have turned to if good people, God fearing people and people of integrity like HON. LANRE EDUN is allowed to continue in office for like 2 to 3 times? Indeed Abeokuta would have turned to Brooklyn, a city in America (I remember when I was there, though in my dreams).

But why do some people like to truncate the development of our great and ancient city because of their selfish interest? Is it because they don’t want Abeokuta to be developed from how it was to how it ought to be? Abeokuta being the premier Local government in Nigeria supposed to be a model city but some people are not happy with that, that is why whenever they see anyone trying to bring developmental changes to Abeokuta, they would employ thugs to frustrate such a man, well our great ancestors will frustrate them all.
Meanwhile, we the entire people of Oluwo Ifa Itoko really appreciate you Sir, and we have been wondering what to give you to show our appreciations, gold we do not have, silver we do not have but we will continue to pray for you.

Aarin ota ni oromo adie ndagba, you will excel among your enemies,
Asa kiigbe omo pepeye, your children and loved ones will never be harmed nor kidnapped.
Igun ni gun kii ku lewe, you will live long with good and sound health.
Ito kii tan lenu, prestige will never depart from you.
In Jesus name. Amen
In Bible, Proverbs 19:17 says ‘the one showing favour to the poor people is lending to God and He will repay him for what he does’.

Any other one is counterfeit, 
if its not HLE … it can never be ORE ARA ILU. 
(C’est ne par ORE ARA ILU) – Bea Jae 

Below are  just few of projects facilitated by Hon. Lanre Edun HLE for the benefit of Abeokuta people, let those who want to force themselves  to be ore ara ilu (the fake ones) show their records, if not pedigree of thugs disrupting the peace of Abeokuta.
• Drainage at the back of custom office onikoko abeokuta 
• Construction of Ajebo -  Obafe -  Abeokuta Express way (Ongoing)
• Construction of Oluwo Madojutimi, Abiola way road. (Ongoing)
• Lightening of streets under Abeokuta south with solar panel 
• Employment generation for idle youths 
• Empowering the petty traders and artisans 

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