Why people of Abeokuta South constituency 2 need to elect,Hon Wasiu Ayodele Igbalaye as member house of assembly in the forthcoming election - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Why people of Abeokuta South constituency 2 need to elect,Hon Wasiu Ayodele Igbalaye as member house of assembly in the forthcoming election

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By Solanke Taiwo 

In Nigeria, any eligible voter can run as a candidate for election to the Ogun State House of Assembly. Members are to generally serve in government or in opposition and act in agreement with party policy, although membership in a political party is not an official requirement of elected office.

Members are elected to represent the specific interests of their constituents but are also representatives of the their local government and must consider their needs as a whole. Whatever their political outlook, and regardless of which side of the Assembly they sit on, members’ duties and obligations are considerable. 

• Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele is the candidate of All Progressives Congress in Abeokuta South constituency 2 in the forthcoming house of assembly election coming up on the 11th of March, 2023. 

He is ready to take the baton from the incumbent member of house of assembly in Abeokuta South Constituency 2 to effect his plans for his people in the area of quality and effective representation.

Below are few of his plans if you can trust him with your vote in the forthcoming poll. 

• Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele's Responsibilities in the Assembly if elected by constituents

The Ogun State House of Assembly was created to provide certain services for the good people of Ogun state, Each service has various standards that must be met; for example, whenever the appropriation of a bill is passed on to the house they must ensure that estimates are critically analysed and resources are distributed in such a way those in need are put in priority. Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele IWA will ensure that the money budgeted is efficiently utilized judiciously as intended. When it comes to law making, IWA will ensure the laws are passed with the positive interest of the people of Abeokuta South constituency 2 at heart. 

• Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele IWA Plans to Contact Members in Their Constituencies in the area of support for a motion and bill 

As we are aware, Every member maintains at least one constituency office that they work from when the Assembly or its committees are not in session. Hon. Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele IWA will secure every opened opportunity for seeking support from his colleagues to second his motions and bills for the betterment of the good people of Abeokuta South constituency 2. 

• Empowerment of youths, aged and petty traders in the constituency. 

In the time past, Hon. Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele IWA is popular with the fact that he extend hands of love to people to encourage their petty trading and putting food on the table for the aged men and women in the local government, he has empowered lots of people to make them independent and useful for themselves, he will continue with the steps when elected to the house of assembly to make the constituency feel sense of belonging in the government of Prince Dapo Abiodun mfr. 

Also, football match will be sponsored in the local communities to further promote peaceful coexistence of the youths in the constituency and beyond. 

• Infrastructure and Human Capital Development 

The area of infrastructure and human capital development will be taken as priority if he is elected into office to improve the people within the constituency, Lobbying for projects from Prince Dapo Abiodun will be taken with high sense of responsibility. 

With the above manifesto, you will agree with me that electing Hon. Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele popularly known as IWA will be a good move by you and your families in the forthcoming house of assembly election under All Progressives Congress APC.

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