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Why Nigerians Need To Apologize To Primate Ayodele

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When they say ‘Time Will Tell’, it’s not just mere words but a reality that echoes the importance of patience in whatever human beings do.

When Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church started talking about what will become of President Buhari’s administration in 2015, the relationship between President Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the future of the APC, many castigated him and tagged him ‘PDP prophet’ just because of his prophecies but they forgot that, Time is a major factor in knowing what will be or not.

The bible says ‘My people perish because of lack of knowlegde’, if these critics were knowledgeable then, they would have seen that Primate Ayodele knew what he was saying but their ignorance led them to reading prophecies like story books, hence, they failed to see beyond their nose.

It is on record that Primate Ayodele foretold the cold war between President Buhari and APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as far back as 2016 when their relationship was very cordial. The man of God made it known that both of them will fight. He even said months back that the APC will ground the president Ambition of Tinubu.

These were his words:

’Buhari has a good mind to rule this country. It is just like Jonathan had a good mind to rule this country but the people around him ruined his government. So, President Buhari is good but people around him will teach him a lesson. It is not that he doesn’t know how to act. There are things that will happen. You will see the scripts as they unfold. And Obasanjo and Buhari will fight. Buhari and Tinubu will fight”. (https://www.nigerianeye.com/2016/04/buhari-will-fight-with-obasanjotinubu.html)

In as much as APC tries to hide it from the public, it’s obvious all isn’t well between the two of them. This was evident in Tinubu’s outburst against Buhari’s administration some weeks back and the current cash swap policy that has affected even Tinubu’s campaign despite being in the ruling party. This led to governors dragging the federal government to court but the president in a broadcast this morning maintained his support for the policy. For many of those that criticized Primate Ayodele for saying Tinubu and Buhari will fight, where is their voice now?

When President Buhari wanted to bid for a second term in office, Primate Ayodele warned Nigerians in 2018 not to vote for him because they will not enjoy his administration. He mentioned that the administration will be drag Nigeria 40 years backwards and that the country will collapse under his administration

These were his words

“President Buhari’s declaration to contest for a second term in office is a waste of time. God is not with Buhari any longer to rule Nigeria. He should vacate the presidency. His followers may be telling him a lot of things, but Buhari’s second term in office will cause Nigeria another 40 years’ setback. I am not his enemy but I am talking as a prophet. They may take it or leave it. I have no apologies. Nigeria will collapse under him. They are deceiving him.’’ (https://tribuneonlineng.com/buharis-second-term-will-cause-nigeria-40-years-setback-primate-ayodele/)

As expected, Primate Ayodele was heavily criticized for this prophecy because they didn’t understand what the man of God saw. They thought he was looking for attention or fame but he already had that, they never knew Primate Ayodele was only warning them for their own good so they lashed out at him because of what they wanted to eat but now, everyone is affected by the administration of President Buhari, we have never had it this bad in the country, the economy is in shambles and nothing seem to be working, where are those critics now?

He recently spoke about the naira scarcity that has hit the country and revealed that the federal government will not do anything to solve the issue until after the election. President Buhari’s announcement to extend the validity of old N200 notes only has fulfilled the word of Primate Elijah Ayodele.

One amazing thing about Primate Ayodele is his consistency despite the criticism. If I was a prophet, I would have stopped talking about Nigeria but for Primate, he has never stopped talking for once and that just shows how humble he is in delivering the word of God to his people. People don’t understand prophecies, they think prophecies are mere statements and due to this, they are always in a haste to criticize whoever speaks against what they support.

We are just a few days to the general election and as usual, Primate Ayodele has said a lot about the three major political parties and their candidates. He has not revealed the eventual winner but has prophetically analyzed to Nigerians what they will encounter in the administration of each candidate if they win. There is no prophet in Nigeria or in the world that went as far as that but the question is, Will Nigerians listen?  It will be better if they listen to avoid regretting just like they are now.

Many of the things Primate Ayodele said about this present administration have been fulfilled already, some of those who criticized him then have even spoken against this government. Finally, Primate Ayodele has been vindicated and of a truth, Nigerians owe him an apology for disregarding his words of prophecy.

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