'Peter Obi Is Likely to regain his Presidential mandate from court' – Says Bishop Desmond Osazuwa - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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'Peter Obi Is Likely to regain his Presidential mandate from court' – Says Bishop Desmond Osazuwa

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Nigeria's Presidential Election is ongoing and there has been calls from the international community and religious bodies to ensure that the election and collation of results are devoid of irregularities and scam. One of the persons that lend his voice to this, is Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu, the General Overseer of Desmond Ministries Intentional and House of Solutions Ministries international in Europe.

Speaking to the media, the Man of God said this through his social media platforms- YouTube: Facebook; Instagram: Tiktok (Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu)
that God revealed many things to him when he was praying about this particular election God has revealed a lot of things to him when he was praying about this particular election. In his words, he said, "I was praying around 12.45 am in the morning and God said that we should pray against the evil craftiness of the Senate President, Ahmed Lawal.


The Lord said that the Senate President is about to carry out an evil act concerning the presidency. The Lord said to me that everything that has been happening is a result of the Senate President and everyone must pray against the Senate President and his evil schemes. Quoting from the scripture, the Book of (Act 10 vs 34 - 35), The bible says "I perceive that God is not a respecter of persons and he that fears God and works in righteousness shall God accept". Ahmed Lawal does not fear God and he is about to carry an unusual act. He wants to cut corners of the presidency. Prayers should be made for his wicked plans to be canceled.


Bishop Desmond who is a prophet to nations added that the presidential candidate for Labour Party Peter Obi will win the presidency but that will be a court case and he foresees him being sworn in around September 2023. “We should pray against his delayed presidency. I am the first preacher that came out and said that the next President of Nigeria will be from Southerners. We should endeavor to pray. We must also know that Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate for PDP will not win this presidency and it is not the time for PDP to rule as president, I will tell you when PDP will come to power but not this time. NNPP will not win. It is time for a southern President and that person is Peter Obi. The question is how will he win? But I see him getting his mandate from the court"

In a nutshell, the Man of God opined that "The next President is from Southerner and we have two Southern candidates and one is APC candidate Ashiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu and other is Peter Obi of Labour Party while in North we have Atiku Abubakar though he didn't deserve it. I am a prolific prophet and I am saying the fact. Atiku Abubakar will not win and if you are a pastor campaigning for PDP you are wasting your time. If PDP will ever come to power it will be a candidate that wears a suit. The person who will deliver PDP is a corporate man, not even now. Rabiu Kwankwaso will not win; that is certain, Peter Obi will win, and we should pray for a landslide victory, not from the court. They might not give him directly but will recover his mandate in court.

Peter Obi will not be declared the winner on Wednesday but INEC will declare Ashiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu the winner of the election which will cause lots of rioting in the country. There will be massive protests. The youth will protest telling Peter Obi to go to court. It is in the court that Peter Obi will be declared the winner by the President of Nigeria. "I saw Peter Obi giving a speech as president Not in May 29th, 2023 but around September 2023.


A northerner will never rule nigeria again. Buhari did his worst and the Lord told me that. Peter Obi will do 8 years and a Southerner will succeed him and this will cause a problem but the North will be humbled. Take this from me ." He also revealed that the Oyo state governor will struggle to retain his seat as Governor.

Bishop Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu made several prophecies that come to pass among which is that Peter Obi will win the Imo state presidential election which came to pass. He has over the years reached out to people and has been known to be a firebrand pastor who fears nobody and calls a spade a spade. He has added value to the lives of people he encountered.

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