Sensational Fuji Maestro, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Kwam 1 serenades Attacker: a brief analysis. - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Sensational Fuji Maestro, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Kwam 1 serenades Attacker: a brief analysis.

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K1 the ultimate is not a green horn in Nigerian politics, the King of Fuji may not have vied for any political office; that he is on top of it is saying the obvious; give it to him, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde has seen it all.

Therefore, when a master of the game like the Fuji maestro then serenades any politician, especially in election year, it will not be out of place to give necessary attention to the body of the lyrics. How far with this? What is the K1’s gospel? 

Alhaji informed: “ó ti sé l’Ékòó, kó tó padà wá sí’lé…” What does this tell us? It is not far fetched. Attacker had amassed sufficient experience and  exposure in Lagos State before he eventually returned to his Country home in Ogun State. 

Two, Attacker has as a springboard the leverage of his connection with Lagos State. King Wasiu Ayinde is right, could Attacker have emerged a Principal officer in the House without his leverage? Like who from our Constituency in recent time? The bills sponsored and the projects executed by the Rt. Honourable Segun Adekoya equally vouched for this.

King Wasiu Ayinde played on: “… ó dè ń se dáada, ó se títì, ó se’ná; ó se omi; ó se ohun mèremère…Attacker kú orí’re…” Without prejudice to their Party lineage; King Wasiu Ayinde dared all the hurldes, took the bull by the horns and stood for the truth.  He gave roads, lights, water and many other beautiful amenities; congratulations Attacker. Well seasoned K1, Quite Easily Done.

And next, the King of Fuji divined, “…Méta-méta òtòtò, ayò ni; méta-méta òtòtò, ayò ni…”. Who would not? Like the Ago-lwoye Patriots, K1 premised his divination on performance; the cystaball is very eloquent. 

Lastly, the master of the game sermonised: “…if a man is doing well in the manner Attacker is doing; fifth term in the National Assembly could not be too much…”.  What else? K1 is truly the ultimate; the Afìdípòtèmólè has said it all.

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