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Lady Embarrassed For Not Paying Bill At A Restaurant

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Lady embarrassed for not paying bill at a restaurant

A woman got into a confrontation with two staff members in a restaurant, as shown in a video posted by @doriswealthy, because she couldn’t pay her expenses.

She reportedly entered the lounge with a male, but they left suddenly, leaving her without enough money to pay the bill.

She finally resorted to pleading with the employees, who are all women, to take her into consideration, but her pleas were ignored.

If she didn’t settle them promptly, the employees didn’t take it lightly and threatened to physically harm her.

One of them said: “You no know say you go pay when you dey chop all this one?. Dem dey follow you talk small small, you dey raise voice. Oga pay your bill!”

Reacting to the outburst, the other lady pleaded that they tamper justice with mercy and stop embarrassing her.

“Can you guys just relax? Don’t touch me, wait make I pay my bills. Stop embarrassing me”, the heartbroken lady replied.

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