A Final-year Medical Student Who Turned Food Vendor During ASUU Strike Is Dead - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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A Final-year Medical Student Who Turned Food Vendor During ASUU Strike Is Dead

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Abubakar-Rimi, a senior in medicine and surgery, opened a grocery store and an Indomie joint in Sokoto's diplomatic district.

The medical student died Wednesday after a brief illness, according to the Nigerian news agency.

Umar Idris, chairman of the 21st Century Entrepreneurship Center and a close associate of the deceased, confirmed this on Saturday. Idris said the deceased was buried according to Islamic ceremonies in his hometown of Rimi, in the Rimi district of Katsina state.

He described the deceased as a humble man, a dedicated student and entrepreneur.

According to the late Katsina, he was the state coordinator of the 21st Century Entrepreneurs Hub in 2019 and he actively participated in coordinating global entrepreneurial activities in 2020.

The deceased also coordinated a conference for young CEOs in Katsina, the largest CEO conference in Katsina in 2019 and 2020, as well as several other skill-building trainings, he added.

During Abubakar-Rimi's leadership, his 21st Century Entrepreneurs Hub in Katsina said he empowered about 1,000 women and young people with his skills in various businesses. In an exclusive interview with NAN on Sept. 9, the deceased recalled that ongoing industrial action by the ASUU gave him the opportunity to start a grocery business.

The deceased also told NAN that he took advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown period to start an egg and chicken distribution business.

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