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Shalina Healthcare Unveils Kaffy As Brand Ambassador For Ibucap

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Shalina Healthcare made bold it’s mission to make Quality and affordable pharmaceutical products a right for all Africans by welcoming Kaffy as Brand Ambassador for its dependable pain relieve companion- “Ibucap.”

The brand Ibucap has over 25 years and counting success stories of being part of people’s lives. It does this by relieving the pain which limits them, thereby helping them get back to the things they love doing, Hence the tag line Ibucap – “Always with You in Pain”. Therefore, speaking at the event, the Brand Manger rightly said #EveryPainHasAStory and #EveryStoryHasIbucap.
With this in mind, the 42-year-Old energetic Dancepreneur, Choreographer and Fitness Coach will be spearheading the brands Social Media Campaign by building on last years #MyIbucapStory campaign which saw real people sharing their experience with the Ibucap Brand.

The campaign marks yet another effort by Shalina Healthcare to give back to the growing list of users of its pharmaceutical products through a social initiative powered by Ibucap a quality pain relief companion.

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