I’ll prioritise Security, Roads, Education, says Abeokuta South PDP Reps. candidate, Toyin Amuzu - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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I’ll prioritise Security, Roads, Education, says Abeokuta South PDP Reps. candidate, Toyin Amuzu

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......I'll ensure Okejigbo, Lantoro, Nawarudeen and other road receive repairs for smooth vehicular movement 

The People's Democratic Party, PDP candidate for Federal Constituency in Abeokuta South, High Chief Toyin Amuzu, has promised to focus on security and education.

Amuzu who made the promise at an interview with Amebo Newspapers NG correspondent, said that security, road infrastructure and education were the major needs of the people of Abeokuta South.

You know representation is all about the interest of the people, insecurity is one of the major challenges bedeviling my dear state.

"Abeokuta South Local Government Areas (LGAs) are among the most affected areas by insecurity., Also most of the major roads in the local community is very bad for motorists, take a look at Oke-Jigbo area and Lantoro as example, the road connect to Ijaiye but people of my constituency prefer plying alternate route because the road will damage their vehicles.
If my people elect me in 2023, I will ensure the challenges of roads, socio-economic activities and the education system in our communities are in better shape.” he said.

"If I am opportune to be elected as a member representing Federal Constituency, I will support the state and federal government to address the challenges affecting our people." He added.

"I will also partner with security agencies to address the security challenges in the state., the issues of cult killings will come to an end and my people will go with their daily activities without exercising any fear of attack by unknown people”

He described education as the bedrock of development of any society, adding, ”I plan to initiate various programmes to ensure the development of the sector.”

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