“He is my worst nightmare” NURTW boss, Koko Zaria’s first daughter, drags him for being a deadbeat father - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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“He is my worst nightmare” NURTW boss, Koko Zaria’s first daughter, drags him for being a deadbeat father

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Kaosara Omolabale, the first daughter of NURTW boss and Nollywood actor Alhaji Ganiyu Ayinde Oyedepo, known as Koko Zaria, has called him out from being a deadbeat father.

Bisi, as she is fondly known, stated that the fact that her dad is a deadbeat father is nothing, as everyone knows. She questioned how her father could be so cruel and wicked to her.

She expressed her hatred and regretted being his first child as he blocked many of her ways. Bisi recounted how he only came through for her when her mother called him on her death bed.

She claimed that her father loathed her and shouldn’t have brought her into the world. Bisi alleged that her father doesn’t pay her bills or school fees. She went on to call him her worst nightmare.

Bisi wrote without punctuation,

“The fact that u are a dead beat dad is nothing because everyone knows that from day one that’s how you are how could you be so wicked and cruel to me I hate you so so much today I regretted u been called my father am ur first child everyone knows that but I don’t give a fuck about it anyways but at least act like a dad for once in my life today you just show how heartless you are you block so many ways for me because of ur ways lol I hate u and you hurt me everytime I never said anything about it not for once but today u just show how much u wish u never had me.

Until my mum called him wen I almost died that was when he came through for me That man hate me so much I just wish he never exposed l me to the world as his daughter my life would be so much better he makes people believe he love me and takes care of me, pay my bills send me to skul and all but he never did shit so if some of y’all follow me because of him unfollow pls that guy he’s my worse nightmare. I wish I can talk about what happened. Y’all be capping in the internet y’all don’t know him for real. So if y’all think Zaira is taking care of me y’all wyning urself I take care of myself! I just want to clear the world I don’t use his surname again anyways. Zaria is a bad person he fucked with my life so bad I wish I can say it all. Periodt”.

Sending a warning message to his fans, she wrote,

“Don’t come to my dm to say anything pls when I was telling y’all about what he was doing non of y’all listen”.

Following the revelation, Bisi locked her page.

This is a surprise as last August, Koko Zaria penned a sweet birthday tribute to his first fruit.

NURTW boss Koko Zaria who had continued to perform his duties as a father and husband to his family, even though they sometimes have misunderstandings, celebrated his daughter in style.

He described her as his first girlfriend by sharing a picture of his beautiful daughter. Koko showered love on his daughter and prayed to God for limitless blessings.

He wrote:.

Happy birthday to you my lovely daughter kaosara omodolapo Ayinde omo oyedepo, omo America boy omo kokozaria long life and prosperity enjoyed your day my darling daughter my first girlfriend my God Almighty bless your new age more great to your elbow age with sufficient grace. @iambisi 528🎂🍾🍷🤍💕💛❤🤎”.

Koko Zaria has a large polygamous home consisting of two wives and children; however, his first daughter, Kaosara Omolabake Oyedepo, was a product of his first relationship before he got married to his first wife, Oyinda Ajoke Oyedepo. The latter now has two girls, while the second wife, Awele Odita, has a son.

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