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Please Help, My Kid Sister Is In Pains (pics)

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Hello guys,

My kid sis is in pains. She's 21yrs.
About a month ago, just out of nowhere, she started developing some kind of scales under her feet.. Initially, we thought it was nothing serious, and it would just go, so we kept applying Vaseline on her feet every night after pressing it with warm water...

But as time went on, it got worse and painful for her too... She cries every night.. It is almost as though she can't walk. The scales are strong and stubborn and now splitting to reveal some tiny wounds.. Guess that's why she is finding it painful..

Due to financial constraints, the few chemists i've taken her to don't seem to know the name or cause of what it is, talkmore of the cure.. It breaks me to see a grown girl go through so much pain but i'm stuck..

I'm hoping the Doctors here or anyone else with a simlar issue or experience can help proffer cure for her..

Pictures below were taken from last night..

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