Nigerian woman arrested for breaking into multiple mansions to sleep in the U.S. - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Nigerian woman arrested for breaking into multiple mansions to sleep in the U.S.

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The police have arrested a Nigerian woman, Peace Ofoego, 32, for breaking into multiple private mansions to sleep in Hamptons, New York.

The suspect has been labelled ‘Goldilocks of the Hamptons’ over her tricks in Westhampton, where she has been arrested three times for finding comfort at homeowners’ backyards, pool houses and rooms.

According to Daily Mail, Ofoego had broken into nothing less than seven mansions in posh territory to sleep for the past few months, and thus been arrested three times for trespassing since the end of May. According to the police, the suspect said she was fleeing from an ab¥sive husband in Florida, and has claimed she was trying hard to find a place to regain custody of her children.

Reports disclosed that Ofoego was first sighted in Westhampton Beach on Memorial Day weekend, when a resident reported to police that a “black female wearing a black trench coat and sandals” was wandering through the backyard construction site of his four-bedroom rental property – just about a mile from the village’s train station. When police arrived on May 29, she told them he had no identification or credit cards because she had been robbed while living in Washington DC.

Daily Mail reported that the authorities said that Ofoego passed through an unlocked gate that leads from the beach to a $275,000-a-month eight-bedroom rental on exclusive Dune Road. She then allegedly entered the house through an unlocked back deck, where she relaxed until police showed up – and charged her with criminal trespass. Then just two days later, on June 4, Ofoego was again spotted ‘staying’ in the pool house of a property that rents at $35,000 a month and was charged with criminal trespassing.

Ofoego’s last encounter with the police came on June 24 at  an apartment listed for rent at a whopping $280,000 in July and August. Ofoego has been spending her days walking through the village and along the beach, residents have reported on Facebook.

She told the Post she was born in Nigeria, but has lived in the U.S. for the past 13 years. She is due back in court on July

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