Hindu Tailor Beheaded By Muslims For Sharing Politician's Anti-Prophet Muhammed Blasphemy Post Online In India - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Hindu Tailor Beheaded By Muslims For Sharing Politician's Anti-Prophet Muhammed Blasphemy Post Online In India

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Indian Hindu tailor beheaded on camera for going online to show support for a politician who made controversial remarks about Prophet Mohammed

An India tailor was beheaded on camera in Rajasthan by two self-proclaimed 'Islamic warriors' after sharing a post in support of a politician who sparked global protests with controversial remarks about Prophet Mohammed.

The two self-proclaimed 'Islamic warriors visited Kanhaiya Lal's small shop in a crowded Udaipur market, pretending to be customers, and engaging him in a discussion before attacking him.

Lal is heard pleading with them to spare him, in a video filmed by the attackers themselves.

One attacker repeatedly strikes the tailor on his neck from behind, even as he collapses to the ground screaming for his life.

The pair then went online, identifying themselves as Mohammed Riyaz Ansari and Ghouse Mohammed, claiming responsibility for the attack.

The victim was reportedly targeted for sharing a social media post in support of recent comments made by a spokeswoman for India's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) about the Islamic Prophet Mohammed.

The remarks by Nupur Sharma at a TV debate in late May were deemed 'blasphemous' and sparked protests that turned violent in some parts of India and demonstrations across the Islamic world.

summoning their Indian envoys for an explanation.

The two attackers released another video after the killing in which they brandished knives and issued a chilling warning to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that they would 'douse the fire he had started'.

The two men, Mohammad Riyaz Ansari and Ghouse Mohammed have both now been arrested.

'Both the accused in the killing have been arrested and we will ensure strict punishment and speedy justice,' said Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

Gehlot appealed to people to not share the video as it would 'serve the attackers motive of creating discord in society'.

The Union Home Ministry has dispatched a high-level anti-terror investigation team to the spot.

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