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2023 Presidency: 5 governors others secretly backing Peter Obi

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The Deputy National Chairman of the Labour Party, Bashiru Apapa, has revealed that about five governors in other political parties were secretly giving support to the presidential candidate of the party, Peter Obi to emerge victorious in 2023.

He stated that the party and Obi were becoming more popular among Nigerians, which will help it win the 2023 presidential election.

Apapa stated that Nigerians were tired of the country’s negative trend under the control of the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party and that Obi’s presidential campaign was daily gaining overt and covert backing from numerous governors and noteworthy leaders.

The deputy chairman called for stronger support and mobilization for the party to win the presidential election while speaking in Ado Ekiti during a sensitization workshop for LP members and many Obi support organizations in Ekiti State, on Saturday.

Apapa, who noted that Obi’s goodwill and past achievements were attracting Nigerians to the party, said, “There are some people who you may not believe are coming up to support Obi; some leaders up to heads of state are in support of Obi. Many governors, more than five of them, are supporting the party underneath. We don’t want to mention their names for now.
“It is because of the way Obi performed before. Again, not all of them believe that Nigeria should continue the way it is going now. They want change, better and positive change for that matter, not like the other change we experienced in the past.”

He added, “It is because of the popularity of the LP now that everyone is embracing the party; clearly, the APC and PDP are worried.”

He claimed that the APC and PDP had made the LP the target of their criticisms because they were afraid of the increased support it was experiencing.

In his remarks, Odunayo Okunade, the chairman of the LP in Ekiti State, asked members and supporters to keep organizing people “in a quest to have a government that will be sensitive to the plights of Nigerians in 2023.”

He expressed happiness with the party and Obi’s growing support in the state.

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