Just Fired. How Do I Cope With The Emotional Trauma? 39-Year-Old Nigerian Wife Cries Out: - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Just Fired. How Do I Cope With The Emotional Trauma? 39-Year-Old Nigerian Wife Cries Out:

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Hello my uncles and aunts.

I'll make this as brief as possible. I teach in a school where the owner uses his father's compound, back flats. His family lives in front apartment.

Some months ago, last year precisely, i had an issue with his sister, last born, and i decided to avoid her totally to prevent future occurrence. I face my job and do it well.

We the teachers observe that the family always call their son to report any issue, especially if we faltered in some cases. It was getting too much.

So on that day, exactly two weeks ago, we were asked to oversee the students sporting activities, done in front of the school compound. I was walking out with my colleague and we were discussing something we both saw on social media, about gistlover. The sister overheard it and believed we were talking about her, calling her gistlover.

She walked up to me and confronted me in a harsh manner. I tried explaining to her that we weren't referring to her, but she wouldn't listen and before you know it, we were exchanging words. I said a lot because I was angry that she singled me out to confront, when we were two discussing the issue.

She was telling me to get out and i was sooo angry that I used the f word on her. Later, her parents came back and she reported me to them. Without calling to hear my side of the story, they both told their son to send me away. The mother even said that wherever she saw me, she would strip me naked. Their son my boss came, me and my colleague were called to say what happened,we did, then my boss told me to go home and stay put for a while.

After a week,he called and told me my services were no longer needed, that he made his own private investigation from the students and they confirmed I used the f word on his sister. I am not innocent. I admitted my fault, but he refused to temper justice with mercy. He promised to pay me for this month, but my reputation is stained. AGAIN.

Considering the fact that I had some issues with a previous school two years ago, very close to this one. There I resigned on my own. Now everybody is looking at me like I am a bad person. I AM NOT. I try to be sooooo nice and polite, but people always take advantage of that to look down on me. I am extremely humble to a fault, even hubby says I present myself as mumu to people too much.

Is it a crime to be of small stature? I am 39yrs of age and this girl I had an altercation with, she is in her early 20's. I felt so disrespected because of how she confronted me, even poking her fingers in my face in the presence of the students, so I lost my temper. I didn't mean to. Now people are looking at me somehow. I don't feel like waking up in the mornings because I wonder how I would face the day.

I NEED A JOB, that will help me heal from this trauma. Graduated 11 years ago, Chemical Engineering, University of Benin. But I still don't have a good job, I have been teaching to hold body, but I am fed up.

The salary is sooooo small, compared to the work load I was handling. I would love to work in a good company, but nobody, no one is willing to give me a chance. I am depressed daily. God should just use a good person to help me, wipe my tears. Sorry for the long write-up.

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