Ife Federal Constituency Candidacy: Why APC Leadership Must Avoid Monumental Mistakes & Impunity, By Rotimi Makinde - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Ife Federal Constituency Candidacy: Why APC Leadership Must Avoid Monumental Mistakes & Impunity, By Rotimi Makinde

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Judging objectively from the turn of events lately, one may be forced to agree with some pundits that Ife's brand of democracy in Osun State has skewed completely from a government of the people, by the people and for the people, to that of the rich, for the rich and by the rotten rich political players. 

That is plutocracy or plutarchy for you. That is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income. The first known use of the term in English dates from 1631. Now, you should understand where we are heading back to as a greatly pauperized community of people who are expected to be principled and known for setting excellent examples and legacies.

It is very worrisome that there was heavy use of money during the last and undecided National Assembly primary elections organized by our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) especially in Ife, a process which its outcome was affected by unimaginable and brazen act, given undue advantage to politicians who have the means to buy their way into power by inducing delegates. It was largely characterized by intrigues, suspense and confusion setting dangerous foundation for the 2023 general elections.

As core progressives that we are, I still found it difficult to come to terms that people who joined the party few months back are now being given priorities over commited and loyal members who have sown good seeds over the years in the party, very loyal even in the eye of the storm and temptations but still stood firmly, refusing to compromise in the larger interest of the party, people like this should not be disadvantaged with ''the richest takes it all'' philosophy or syndrome.

I was surprised that the regulatory agencies (if any) and our party leadership responsible for monitoring of elections and sanctioning of offenders essentially failed to improve their efforts in minimizing excessive use of money in what took place in the month of May, a largely compromised process like this, if allowed will continue to produce incompetent leaders that could lead to bad governance and abuse of power as well as misuse of national resources for private pecuniary gains.

This is the time that Ife needs a ranking member within the APC fold to champion the cause of the Ife Federal Constituency at National Assembly so that the chances of becoming a principal officer will not be dashed or the opportunities of facilitating Federal projects, employment, various empowerment initiatives and having unfettered access to the State government and government at the centre will not be jeopardised.

For a democratic state like ours, the principle of justice should be seen to be sacrosanct to its operations, while its justice system must be well insulated and robust to ensure fairness and equity. Failure to ensure this will automatically lead to reversal and loss of legiti-macy on the part of the government, party and stakeholders. It can also lead to democratic insecurity. Consequently, the philosophy of justice is crucial for a healthy democracy especially in Ife; it gives meaning and content to its institutions and structures. 

I hope our leaders will be guided in their last minute  decision and heed the call of the majority, the electorates reasoning by ensuring that I flag the APC ticket with the good intention of delivering the mandate of quality representation with requisite experience, connections and enablement for the great and amazing people of Ife snd its environs at the Federal House of Representatives in the 10th Assembly, come 2023.

To jettison long standing relationship with a ranking member of the party in the name of hate can only mean we are weak and unrewarding. We certainly can not judge  by that primary election that was never adjudged to be normal. This is becoming an hate taken too far against my person for no reason, and I expect the leadership to care more about puplic cries, sentiment and expectations, the popularity, experience, outstanding projects, my sacrifices so far for the party and not to listen to those minue local traducers but to consider the monumental benefits my candidature  portend for our great party and Constituency, State and the Party. APC certainly needs to be circumspect as this shenanigan malicious motive could attract an assault on the general interest and sensibilities of the electorates and laying a very regrettable precedence and we might be misconstrued to be a cash and carry political outfit. Not even a local market set up would allow a new entrant to become an Iyaloja or Babaloja overnight.This is not in the character of progressive party.

I make bold to say for the umpteenth time that I am available, I have the competence, skills, wherewithal and always enthusiastic to serve the people of Ife,Origbos, Modakeke and the Ifetedos at the Hallowed Chamber, my good and sterling records in the 7th Assembly are robust assets for me to deliver this mandate once again for my party, your party, the APC. I am not a green horn in this terrain, service is not strange to me.I remain irrepressible, dogged and resolute in offering my best to Ife kingdon and my party; I have never disappointed you before, this time around I won't disappoint you still. A last minute voice for me is a vote for victory, a vote to kill monumental mistake and for legislative progress and success. May God bless APC and guide our leaders accordingly.

Rotimi Makinde is an aspirant for the Ife Federal Constituency seat  ahead 2023 National Assembly poll. The Ife APC chieftain once served the Constituency in the 7th Assembly, between 2011-2015

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