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Big Gb*la is Chasing Me Out of My New Marriage, Please Help

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Good morning, I'm just coming back from my fiance house, ma since I was born and now I'm 32 years I have never seen a gb*la so huge and big like the one I saw on Saturday, we have been together for 8months but it was a distance relationship, I met him in a friend's wedding and we exchange contact, he came to Abuja because of the wedding, he base in Calabar, ma the relationship has been so wonderful even though we don't see, he pays my bills and take care of me, mummy he came last month to see my parents and lodge in a hotel, to make his intentions know about me.

 I went to see him In the hotel but we couldn't do anything, so he invited me over the weekend, that is last weekend, the first night he didn't touch me, we gisted and I slept in his hands, something was touching me so hard but because he thought I was sleeping, he didn't disturb me, gbagam the early morning, he started touching me, he has been patient so I said let me give in, mommy after r*mancing me, he pull his b*xer, what I saw standing in front of me, I have never seen it once before.

 okay, I said I'm not a v*rgin, let me do, mommy I swear with my life, the thing almost come out from my mouth, I was screaming, it almost tear my v*gina, he is a gentle man, he applied oil on his gb*la, for were, I couldn't take it, I started crying, this guy is just 37 years carrying 10 people's thing, only him, he left me and since after that day, I refuse him touching me.

 I couldn't walk well, I just got back home, my mum has been asking me how far, I told her she won't understand, mummy I can't marry this man, I know I won't last one month in his house, the gb*la will kill daughter of man, I'm not ready to die because of it. Jesus, blood of zachariah, I didn't know when I shouted in the taxi I'm, whenever I remember what I saw, I will just scream out. What should I tell my parents, should I tell them big gb*la chase me away from their to be son in-law, how do I handle this.

Please I need a good advice right now because I can't think well again.

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