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Why Yoruba Mustn't Be A Laughing Stock — Bankole Alex Kehinde

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It is no longer news that Nigeria is shopping for a new president, who would take over from President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor.Many who are fanatical about Tinubu are canvassing for him as the most suitable person.I would leave that to future subject of discusion. All i seek is for the best for this natiok and someone who will be committed to just good for our dear nation.

Now that the buildup to the 2023 general election gathers momentum, I found it so appalling that some South-West stakeholders within his party and majorly from his camp in  All Progressives Congress (APC) fold are now throwing their hats in the ring, trying to do a "spoiler job" for the very man they once called "National leader.Much lesson in this.

I wonder where their conscience lie as they seem  prepared to go head to head in the contest with the man they made us to  know as their  Alpha and Omega in politics. To decide who takes the presidential nomination of APC; the reality that looms large is that Tinubu may not  retain his political supremacy in the South-West and may be beyond  even as none of them has garnered enough political stock to dethrone him from his perch. They are like leppers.! But what saddens this writer is the embedded lesson in this game of politics in Yorubaland  that may eventually place caution in the mind of many of us and especially the givers in the society.People may now begin to think twice before they invest and before they  ellevate others in life..The man Tinubu appear to have the capability and the capacity to clinch the ticket through the indirect style of primary in his party but it look like the party  as presently constituted by its body language or the overbesring influences of some "cabals" has already adopted consensus and i guess he is the main target of their pull him down syndrom static and some of us can only watch with keen interes.

Therefore any plot by any desperate politician with inordinate ambition to jeopardize the good chances he may have at the party primary will definitely hunt them for the rest of their lives.

The window is still open, they can still make necessary amends and engage in throwing their weights behind him to deliver the mandate for the region and in the interest of their party come 2023. For the price they owe posterity and as Oduduwa decendants, they should disengage themselves from any activities that is capable of making Yoruba a laughing stock out of greed, disloyalty, pecuniary gains and treacherousness. Enough said. Yoruba Ronu. ..

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