Reps Race 2023: Makinde Takes Case To Almighty God, Says He Forgive Those Who Are Maligning Him - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Reps Race 2023: Makinde Takes Case To Almighty God, Says He Forgive Those Who Are Maligning Him

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The house of representatives aspirant in Ife federal constituency, Hon Rotimi Makinde has taken his case to Almighty God after he said he has forgiven all those who chose to malign him on social media as the election approaches. 

According to his writeup, he said 

Oh lord i cry unto you, safe my soul..This load is becoming too heavy and unbearable .I cant do it alone.I am a lone child of my late mother,unfortunately  the only muslim by faith among the aspirants in my constituency .I am also the only ranking within the party in my constituency.For the love i have for my community, oh lord , do not forsake me at this moment.I am such a liberal politician and no single biased i have for christanity and even the traditional worshipers.I am for all.

Please be my guide in the midst of this heat.I am in pains oh lord.Safe me from those who wrongly accused me of antiparty.Ma so won di adorun mooto olorun mi, saanu fun won.I love my party, i love my people.I have sufered enough for this call you gave me.

I really wonder how much theyve collected from all those new comers and those green horns to warrant all these hate against my candidature for no reason..My experience and generousity they care not...Lord, i plead unto you help me, If only for  the sake of our dear communities and all those projects i already started and  in variius stages, pipelines and at different locations ..Please come to my rescue oh lord.This pull him down is  too overwelming for me to bear as your son..I honestly wish and pray they change their hostile attitude towards me, i love them but they hate me..When they were in need , i was there for them but today they are ganging up against me..I have the courage and the call to serve my people and this i plan to do without fear or favour.I do not intend to abour any grudges against any soul.I have  the profile and the record of forgiving my traducers long before they commit.No malice with any soul.Guide me oh lord.

Let no one exercise fear that i would become too powerful or very arrogant and uneasy to be submisive.I would be fair to all..Safe my life and my career oh lord.
So help me God.

Rotimi Makinde

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