Court Arraigns Father For Having Sex With His 13-Years-Old Daughter In Ogun - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Court Arraigns Father For Having Sex With His 13-Years-Old Daughter In Ogun

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Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo

Quadri Dare, the father of the teenage girl 

The magistrate court sitting in Abeokuta has arraigned one Quadri Dare for allegedly having sex with his 13-years-old daughter under the pretence of being in a cult group and he was told to have sex with his eldest daughter to wash away the cult agreement. 

Quadri Dare, a civil servant working with Nigeria Postal Service NIPOST, was said to have told the daughter that he wants to replace her in place of her mother who is having health challenges, saying he preferred to have sex with her than to have extra ordinary affairs with any woman. 

Quadri Dare was said to have had sex with the little girl without protection and each time he had sex with her he usually ask her to wash away the semen in the toilet. 

The mother of the teenager, Mrs Bukola Quadri when  narrating the incident to Amebo Newspapers NG, she said she use to examine her female children everytime and give them sex education to protect them from paedophile attack, she said; " On December 2021, I called my two female children inside to check them as I use to do for them to know their status and at the end of the day, I found out that something has happened to my daughter, I asked her what happened and she said it was daddy, i said which daddy and she replied our daddy, I tried to persuade her to explain further and she narrated how the whole scenario happened including the styles he use for his siblings whenever he wants to have sex with her during the day, I had health challenges that period, and the drugs doctor prescribed for me made me sleep immediately after eating till the next day, I was so mad and lost everything immediately my daughter explained herself, I approached my husband "Quadri Dare" and he told me he was in a secret cult and they told him that if he doesn't want to loose all his children he has to have sex with the eldest daughter" Mrs Bukola Quadri 

Meanwhile, Quadri Dare was said to have pleaded guilty to the charge in the presence of Director of Public Prosecution DPP, saying he never penetrated her that he only touched her breasts. 
Medical reports done to the girl confirmed Quadri Dare had sex with his 13-years-old severally.

Comrade Brown Oluwayemisi, the state coordinator of Paralag International, Prisons Reabilitation and Law Abiding Organisation in Nigeria advised parents to ensure they be their female and male friends to help them know what is going on at a particular time , while she express confidence in the magistrate court's decision. 

The court adjourned the case till 5th of July 2022 after sentencing Dare Quadri to forty days in correctional center pending the time of getting legal advice from the Department of Public Prosecution on the next step to be taken.

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  1. Is it the magistrate court that arraign or they began hearing? Only the state or the agents of the state like police can arraign