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NYSC confirms the death of a missing FCT Corp member.

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A member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Stephanie Se-Ember Terungwa, who went missing earlier this month, has been found dead.

This was revealed in a statement issued on Wednesday by NYSC spokesperson Eddy Megwa.

“The attention of NYSC Management has been drawn to the pictures making the rounds in the social media of a missing Corps Member deployed to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“The corpse was found wearing the NYSC khaki trousers with the face defaced beyond recognition. On account of this, Management reported the discovery to relevant security agencies to help identify the body.

“It was later confirmed that the remains were that of a missing Corps Member, Stephanie Se-Ember Terungwa, with State Code Number FC/21B/5807.

“Investigations are, however, currently ongoing to unravel the identity of the perpetrators of the dastardly act in order to bring them to justice.

“May her soul rest in peace,” the statement added.

Megwa noted that the corpse was later identified as Terungwa. He added that investigations are ongoing to apprehend those responsible for her murder.

Terungwa was declared missing in a notice circulated via various social media platforms on April 14.

She was last spotted in the Lokogoma neighborhood of Abuja, clad in her full NYSC outfit.

According to a report, it was discovered that parts of her body have been removed when her remains were discovered.

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