Lagos nurse performs surgery on Edo businesswoman, accused of causing her death - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Lagos nurse performs surgery on Edo businesswoman, accused of causing her death

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A male nurse has been accused of performing fibroid surgery on a businesswoman,  leading to her death.
The family of businesswoman, Fatima Isa, are seeking justice following her death at the Felobam Alpha Clinic in the Mafoluku area of Oshodi, Lagos State.

The victim, alongside her sister, Queen, left their hometown in Auchi, Edo State, and travelled down to Lagos for the surgery. 
Fatima was admitted at the hospital last Thursday,  April 7, and Queen slept over at the hospital.
Queen told the publication that the management of the hospital demanded N190,000 for the surgery, so she left her sister in their care to withdraw the money.

When Queen returned to the hospital, she found that they had wheeled her sister into the theatre without waiting for her to sign a consent form.
Queen said: "When I did not hear from them for four hours, I called one of the nurses to know what’s happening but was told that they were cleaning her up. Around 5pm, the doctor walked out of the hospital and as I asked after my sister, she said she was OK.

"Later, they brought my sister out. But when I saw my sister, she was breathing abnormally. I quickly alerted the doctor and nurses and the person assisting the doctor came and started hitting my sister’s laps.

"When my sister shook her head, the assistant doctor said she was OK, simply because she shook her head. But as he stepped out, she started breathing heavily and all of sudden, she stopped breathing and that was how she died.

"I quickly called the doctors and nurses again. When they rushed in, they said I should go out, but I refused. I started shouting and crying. I called one of my sisters, Kate, and she came around 8pm. We both slept where Fatima’s corpse was dumped in the hospital.

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