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Grieving husband demands justice after wife dies during childbirth in Lagos hospital

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A telecommunications engineer, Chibuike Nwachukwu, has cried out for justice after his wife, Vivian, died during childbirth at a medical center in the Ago Palace Way area of Okota, Lagos State.
Punch reports that Chibuike accused the management of the hospital of negligence, which he said led to his wife’s death.
The grieving husband said his now-deceased wife started her antenatal in Anambra State, but later continued the session at the hospital when she came to Lagos. He said his wife was attending antenatal at the hospital until March 27 when she was admitted to be delivered of the baby.

“On Sunday, March 27, 2022, when she was admitted for delivery, we were chatting when she said she had been induced and that she would soon give birth. So, when she wasn’t picking up my calls around 4pm, I called my sister to give her the phone but she said she was in the labour room.

Around 5pm, I got the same responses. I waited for hours till 1am when my sister suddenly called and gave the phone to the doctor who sought my permission to do CS on my wife. They were initially trying to make her push out the baby but she became weak, and after hours of attempts, they called for CS, so I agreed.

I also informed her family and they supported and prayed. Around 2am, my sister called again and said they needed two pints of blood. The hospital had no ambulance or vehicle to get it. I had to book an Uber online and the driver took my sister to the Isolo General Hospital to buy two pints of blood. Later, my sister called again and said I should approve as they said they wanted to cut off my wife’s womb.

I was shocked; a marriage of 10 months and they are saying they want to cut off her womb? I told her to hold on. I quickly infor/med her elder brother, and we said they should not remove her womb.”

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