Dance teacher, 48, who sent 13 year old boy intensely sexual WhatsApp message is spared jail time - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Dance teacher, 48, who sent 13 year old boy intensely sexual WhatsApp message is spared jail time

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A 48 year old dance teacher who sent a 13-year-old boy several sexual messages has been spared jail time

Jennifer Hesse, shared her feelings for the boy at her private dance class in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK according to prosecutors and despite being a mother of two, she abused her position of trust and secretly sent him "intense sexual" WhatsApp messages

Bournemouth Crown Court heard how she encouraged the minor, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to be "touchy" around her for her own sexual gratificati

And in one message she told him: "I need you to be touchy all the time

She then warned the boy to quickly delete the messages so that his parents wouldn't see them

She said she felt "an odd combination of dizziness and calm" and that she "could not breathe" when he was with her.

The exchange of messages culminated in Hesse repeatedly telling the boy she loved him, the court heard.
When the victim told Hesse that he had a girlfriend and wanted the 'relationship' with Hesse to stop, she became jealous and pressured him to carry it on.

The relationship ended when the boy's mum found the messages and went to the police.
Nicola Talbot-Hadley, prosecuting, said: "The victim gave evidence in which he rejected that he had a crush on Mrs Hesse and the jury also rejected this version of events.
"The jury were given a great deal of messages between them. It was extremely intense and emotionally pressurising.

"It often took place late at night and the defendant was under the influence of alcohol some of the time.
"The messages were sexualised and there was reference to 'touch and tease'. She repeatedly told him she loved him."
After the victim told Hesse he has a girlfriend, she responded: "You are 13 and do not have the capacity for that yet. I want you to be able to love me exactly the way I need."

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