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No one has been ratified as next Soun of Ogbomoso

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As the selection processes for the next Soun of Ogbomoso hit the full gear, the Ogbomoso Kingmakers have debunked the news making rounds the media that Prince Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye has been foisted on other contenders, Mouthpiece NGR reports.

In the section of the media, the fake news which was published by an online outlet stated that Prince Olaoye has gained the preferential treatment from the Kingmakers owning to his association with the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo with whom they are both pastors at RCCG and that the Vice President is rooting for him.

It was also unverifiably noted that his name has been forwarded for possible consideration to the Oyo State government and would be subsequently pronounced as the new Soun of Ogbomoso which is nothing but FAKE!

A statement issued on Thursday by illustrious Sons of the Soil under the aegis of “Concerned Ogbomoso Indigenes” indicated that under no circumstances should political influence or religious affiliation hinder the smooth running of the selection processes in choosing the next Soun of Ogbomoso, adding that no contender would be foisted on others in the selection.

“Let it be on record that all the 25 contenders who undergone thorough screening are potential Soun-designate and no one would be preferred to other unless the one qualified for the seat.

It was unequivocally explained that the utmost interest of the kingmakers is to follow due process in line with the provisions of the selection processes and uphold the tradition of their forebears.

When contacted, a member of the kingmakers who don’t want his name in print said “We are not unaware to the news making rounds by some sections of the media that Prince Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye has been selected as the next Soun of Ogbomoso probably because of his association with VP Osinbajo.”

“Let it be noted that our selection would never be influenced politically no matter who is involved. Our primary goal is the progress of Ogbomoso.”

“Notably, it’s constitutional to pronounce the next Soun of Ogbomoso through the recommendations of the kingmakers and as it stands, no one has been selected.

“Any news regarding the selection would be made known to public soon by the Kingmakers and therefore, members of the public are enjoined to disregards any fake news in that regards.”-.

The group through its spokesperson, Bashir Lawal said what Ogbomoso need is someone that can move the town forward, uphold the culture and tradition, and not some one that is either politically biased or religiously biased.

If you want to ratify anybody, make it known to us and show us the names of those people that actually did screening.

We don’t want fake news and we don’t want anybody that will tamper with our emotion as we are bound to live together as one family.

We challenge the so called “Afobaje” to come out and debunk this story to avoid chaos in the town, the group submitted.

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