Julius Abure one year in office: LP warns against voting PDP, APC, says their system excludes the poor - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Julius Abure one year in office: LP warns against voting PDP, APC, says their system excludes the poor

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As the Labour Party celebrates one year that Julius Abure emerged as the national Chairman of the Party, it has called on Nigerians to be wary of the antics of the two major Political Parties in the Country saying that their programmes and method of chosing their leaders excludes the poor.

Labour Party in a release issued and signed by the media strategy and publicity unit of the Party said People's Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) are parties that do not meant well for the downtrodden.

LP said it celebrates one year purposeful leadership of Julius Abure, saying that his tenure has redefined the political landscape of the country since his assumption of office such that "Labour party is now a rebranded, refocused and re energized to take over in 2023 from the present bunch of economic strangulators and decimators".

The Party urges all "Nigerians not to allow the past political mistakes take precedence over the intentional and unintentional mistakes that kept alive the deliveries of unproductive mandates across the political boards across the Nation".

"Labour Party urges fellow Nigerians to take inspiration from the focused and principled politics of Labour Party that remains clearly beyond self or group interest but very broadly inclusive of core and special needs for the growth and development of the people and Nigeria into a true and pure democracy .

"It is at all times seriously and completely baffling for us in Labour Party to keep noticing that most Citizens in Nigeria including even the celebrated elites still wallop in ignorance as they continue in the misunderstanding of nature of danger that APC and PDP keep growing in the Nigerian Political and Economic system".

"Nigerians are now fully informed that why the APC and PDP remain inseparable from power is for the reasons of safe guarding and also buying back their personal business investments using Nigeria". 

"It has also been confirmed that APC and PDP are one and the same. Nigerians are aware of the whole -sale transfer of PDP political Merchants into the National Exco of APC to enable these perfect and experienced black hearted Politicians to control APC on behalf of their joint Conspiracy aimed at retaining power at the Federal level".

LP then called the attention of the Nigerians to take a closer look at the way and manner the APC National Convention was conducted in which all selections were forced on the delegates. 

"The delegates and the contestants didn't have opportunity to interact, no delegate can swear to know anything about the level of readiness, capabilities and or competence , even level of loyalty of any of the National Consensus Exco members forced on the Convention. 

The Party said with the above, "it's sure that Nigerians will and shall not vote for such contrived and woven Leadership which has finally, publicly and openly confirmed the truth that APC and PDP are one and the same party in all characteristics even as exemplifies by the New National Chairman of APC who is still has a huge Corruption charges of over 15billion naira still ongoing in court between him and the EFCC.

'Labour Party says the system of the two major parties can not ever midwife a true democratic rule over the Country. 

The Party said all their systems "are in pursuant of efforts at retaining power between them in 2023. 

"Nigerians are now being gradually cornered into a situation where no Nigerian can lay claim to or play a card of indignation when the election in 2023 is driven into an unwanted conclusion. 

LP thereafter called on all Nigerians "to strongly get involved in all it takes to defeat both the APC and PDP at the polls. 

It called on Nigerians to see labour party as the third force calling on Nigerians to move enmass

"Nigerians should move enmass to LP the responsible third force towards 2023 under the leadership of the Indefatigable National Chairman".

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