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How Primate Ayodele Prophesied APC Crisis, Mai Mala Buni’s Troubles Since May 2021

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The All Progressive Congress (APC) has been faced by trying times in the last few months. Despite being the ruling party, the national convention has been postponed three times before March 26 was finally decided some weeks ago.

The crisis of the party has affected the progress of the party and this has made the party to continue adopting the caretaker committee for more than a year without a substantive national executive.

If only APC listens to God’s direction through his prophets, maybe the party will not be facing what it is currently experiencing. The crisis started when the former national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole was ousted in 2020, meanwhile, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church warned the ousted chairman not to take some steps then which he took. It was an era of powerplay between Adams Oshiomhole and his successor, Godwin Obaseki in Edo state. Primate Ayodele stated that the chairman is fighting God’s project but he never listened. The man of God went as far as telling him that he will not see the following year as the national chairman of the ruling party if he doesn’t stop fighting Obaseki yet he didn’t listen, rather he ensured Obaseki wasn’t given a second term ticket as governor in the party by disqualifying him from the primary election ( As we all know, Oshiomhole was sacked from his position as the party’s national chairman almost immediately as the man of God predicted, this was how the party crisis started up till this moment.

Some months after Mai Mala Buni became the caretaker committee chairman of the party, Primate Ayodele prophesied again that the chairman will be eased out and his political vision will be seriously affected.

This was in May 2021 and the man of God made it known that if Buni doesn’t know what he is doing, he will be frustrated from the party’s leadership (  To fulfil this, there have been several attempts to remove Mai Mala Buni as the party’s chairman. Sometime last year, his leadership was dragged to court by some aggrieved members but they found a way to resolve it.

To further fulfill Primate Ayodele’s prophecy, news making rounds this morning had it that Buni has been sacked as the party caretaker committee chairman due to the proposed postponement of the convention again. It was reported that some governors appealed to President Buhari to order his removal, which was successful. The governor of Niger state, Sani Bello has taken over leadership of the party.

It would also be recalled that in January, Primate Ayodele warned the ruling party concerning the national convention. He revealed that if it’s not handled well, the convention will cause more crises in the party. The crisis has already begun with Mai Mala Buni being sacked as the party caretaker committee chairman, hereby fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

Primate Ayodele prophecies on the ruling party so far have come to pass as the events have been unfolding within the party.

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