5 Children Poisoned To Death By Their Mother’s Boyfriend In Cameroon - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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5 Children Poisoned To Death By Their Mother’s Boyfriend In Cameroon

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Residents of Yakadouma, East region of Cameroon were thrown into a deep shock after five children were poisoned to death.

Salemgists gathered from sources that the children belonging to a single mother were poisoned to death by their mother’s boyfriend.

The source further stated that the children were poisoned with the bread and chocolate the suspect gave them to eat.

"The woman and the suspect spent so many years loving each other after the death of her husband," the source said, adding that the couple were making plans to make their union official but the family of the woman denied the union.

The man got really angry when he learnt that his relationship with the woman was at the verge of collapsing.

The source said the man really invested much money, time and love to the relationship and he was not ready to just walk away like that.

He later discovered that the woman was in the arms of another man. This time, after promising to deal with the single mother, he was ready to go extreme.

The man believed that the only way to deal with the woman and her family was to take her children out. He gave them poisoned chocolate and bread which they died from.

As at the time of this report, the murdered is on the run, salemgists learnt.

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