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Woman spends her inheritance money to carry out reduction surgery on her 34HH breasts

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 A woman has coughed up her inheritance money to perform breast reduction surgery on her 34HH breasts.

According to Toni Lewis, her heavy 34HH size breasts caused her back pain and rashes so bad they would bleed.
Toni, aged 27 said she battled depression due to the fact that her chest made it impossible for her to find work as a dancer, as costumes couldnt fit her.

Toni, from Newport, South Wales, says she went to the NHS to see if she could use her health insurance to perform breasts reduction surgery but her request wasn't granted 
Toni said: ‘I suffered from terrible back pain and rashes that would bleed.
‘Even though I stopped growing as a teen, my boobs kept growing and getting heavier. Without a bra they were down to my belly button. It was demoralizing and made me depressed.

‘I couldn’t go bra shopping without crying. The lady in Marks & Spencers would tell me my bra size and I would burst into tears.

After surgery 
‘Bikini shopping was impossible. Wearing a button-up shirt was impossible as the buttons would pop open, or the shirt would gape open. It was not nice.
‘I was so self-conscious about my breasts. As a teenager, men would stare at my chest in public and some would make comments about them. It was so upsetting.
‘I grew up dancing from the age of three and trained in dancing at college. It was everything to me and I wanted to pursue it professionally. But I couldn’t get jobs as the dance costumes weren’t made to fit my chest size.
‘Over the last few years, exercise has become more and more difficult as I started having to wear multiple sports bras for a mild workout.

Toni went to her doctor to ask for a breast reduction when she was 19, but even though she was wearing size 8 clothing, she was told she needed to lose weight to have the surgery.

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