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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: The Return Of WWTBAM

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The organisers of popular TV show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM), have announced a return, a series two about to hit our screens. Frank Edoho has been called up again to host the show and we wonder who else would have done it better.

WWTBAM used to be Nigeria’s pseudo-world cup show. People from across the country beat themselves when they miss the Saturday-Sunday show.

The show presented people an opportunity to learn new stuff, to compete on who is more knowledgeable. The suspense that Frank always created then was the main spice of the show.

Frank’s adroitness made the show the best. There was hardly any other reason people set reminders to stay one hour for two days of the week for a show. He spiced it with suspense and that was the icebreaker.

Throughout the time WWTBAM was on, only one person got all the questions right, going home with a whopping ten million naira. The whole country went berserk. No one had ever reached that milestone, so everyone was genuinely happy.

Singer, Teni’s depiction of the show in the video of her song, ‘Billionaire’, brought back those memories. The song trended for a while, and people narrated their experiences trying to get into the studio with Frank Edoho. Those that got in narrated their ‘trying times’ with him.

WWTBAM was that ultimate TV experience. The organisers of Super Story would have probably looked on, folding their arms wondering if WWTBAM will surpass their own numbers. There were hardly bad reviews.

Anytime Frank Edoho called it a day on a Sunday, leaving a participant hanging, people got vexed, but they praised him for it. Fans of the show knew nothing good comes easy.

It started October 8, 2004, and ended September 2, 2017 to the dismay of fans, but a series 2 has been announced and the excitement has reached the stars. Say Alleluia!

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