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Popular Abeokuta Business Mogul, Otunba Oyedele Citiside Bags Masters Degree In Public Administration

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The popular bar owner, Frontpage and Citiside boutique in the state capital of Ogun State, Otunba Bisi Oyedele has bagged a master degree, MPA in public administration. 

According to his Facebook post:

Celebrating My Academic Journey; a Lesson for the Generation Next. 

To the glory of God and virtues of responsible parenting, I convoke today as one of the new set of graduands at postgraduate level in Public Administration as a holder of MPA from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye after years of rigorous academic sojourn. It neither came on the platter of gold nor a product of pursuing mere peer cruise, I pursued it with vigour as to help my political vision and to assist me be a top-notch Entrepreneur. 

Today, I'm celebrating a victory I got in December 2019, it's a long term dream and an achievement I have hoped for as a teenager who does legal businesses with unusual avalanche. Education, right one so to say, cannot be isolated in the success factors of business giants like Tony Elumelu, Alakija, Mike Adenuga, Jim Ovia, Oba Otudeko to mention just a few. They read, create, think, grow and unleashed, so why not me! Growing up from where 'business as usual' predetermines limit of success has placed a burden on some of us who do the usual things in unusual manner; either you are perceived as a ritualist or internet fraudster! It highly unfortunate but understandable considering happenings in the contemporary Nigeria.

It's pathetic to read in the news that some teenagers ranging from 17-20years could go as far as slaughtering a lady all in the name of making money. At age 17, I was supporting my parents' business with a high determination of attaining academic success. At 20, because of the opportunity available in my community (Idiroko in Ipokia LG) as one of the border towns, I became fully active in business, buying and selling goods, making good profits. I jettisoned it all when the University admission surfaced as I know with certainty that it would model me to attain my dreams.

To the Glory of God today, I am an entrepreneur with more than 50 workers on my payroll. I have vast experience in import and export , Fashion, Entertainment and Relaxation Business, all these would have been history or done in the usual 'apes obey' manner if I didn’t obey the academic call. 

Though, the road to greatness is never smooth, there are tribulations and distractions, but one has to remain focused. We are not there yet but by the grace of God, we will get there 

In December 2021, I was picked up randomly in an event centre by an antigraft agency, the Highest in the Land. I was questioned and thoroughly investigated with some undertones from political oppositions and business rivals. I am glad I came out clean and was released with no indictment whatsoever, while a good number of others were convicted and still in detention for being found wanting. My Question is, Is Making Money worth Ending in jail?.

I can boldly say it anywhere and anytime, only a few youth can be scrutinized and come out with no black spot in our country today. This simply attributed to social vices and illegitimacy that is fast becoming a culture. The "Dont spoil your father's name" advice has been thrown away in pursuit of quick wealth. 

We can all find a legitimate path to wealth creation rather than jeopardizing our future and have our families name truncated. Our Agents of socialization need to be strengthened especially the family, religion, school and the media. The balancing of social equation amongst these variables would go a long way in the contemporary youth development matrix in Nigeria. 

It may not look it today but definitely the future holds the best for us, please SHUN RITUAL KILLINGS AND ALL FORM OF ILLEGALITY, the Eagles eye is watching and will definitely catch up with you some day if you do. 

Otunba Bisi Oyedele MPA, MCPA.

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