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Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese Disowns Father Magnus Ebere

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Catholic Church disowns ‘priest’ who said Igbos dominate in churches they belong to

The Archbishop of Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese, Most Rev. Valerian Okeke has rejected a clergyman who claimed to be of the Roman Catholic stock, Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere for saying Igbo people always dominate in any church they attend.

Ebere who runs Canaanland Adoration Ministries was reacting to the news of a Catholic priest in Lagos, who banned the singing of Igbo songs in the church, claiming that Igbos like dominating in any Catholic parish they find themselves in.

In a viral video, Ebere said it was true that Igbo people dominate in their churches, saying that they were created to dominate and that they will always dominate in any church they find themselves in.

But Bishop Okeke reacting to the video in a press release he signed disowned Ebere, stating clearly that despite going by the title ‘reverend father’, he was not a priest of the Catholic Church, and was not under his instruction, nor is his ministry operating under the powers of the Catholic Church.

Most Rev. Okeke described Fr. Ebere’s ministry as an illegal one, saying: “He is not a priest of the Archdiocese of Onitsha and has no faculties or rights to operate within the Archdiocese of Onitsha.”

The Archbishop reacting to Ebere’s claims said it is true that Igbo people like dominating, “Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere worsened and aggravated the matter by ignorantly confirming the accusation the suspended priest leveled against the Igbos.

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