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Xiaomi Produces CyberDog Robot That Can Recognize Owner's Face & Voice

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Xiaomi Announces Its New Product, CyberDog Robot That Can Recognize Its Owner's Face And Voice

JAKARTA – The Xiaomi CyberDoge robot was announced by the company at the launch of the Mi Mix 4 and Mi Pad 5 smartphones some time ago. CyberDog is the first robot product made by mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi.

In terms of outward appearance, CyberDog has a resemblance to the Spot robot made by Boston Dynamics. It's just that the robot made by Xiaomi is equipped with the support of the world's smallest artificial intelligence supercomputer, the AI Jeston Xavier NX made by Nvidia.

CyberDog is equipped with 11 sensors throughout its body which include touch and ultrasonic sensors. The robot dog's head is also equipped with a number of cameras, including a panoramic lens, Intel RealSense D450 camera, LIDAR, and GPS. All of that gives CyberDog the ability to interact with the surrounding environment.

The robot is also said to be able to follow its owner and can avoid obstacles thanks to the GPS embedded in it. CyberDog owners can control it via voice commands, remote control, and phone apps.

However, not all Xiaomi phones support the CyberDog robot control feature. A number of smartphones that can support CyberDog are Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, Redmi K40, Redmi K30 5G, Redmi 10X, Redmi 10X Pro, and the last one is Mi Mix 2S.

In addition, CyberDog is also able to run at a speed of 3.2 meters per second and can do backflips. The robot is equipped with three USB-C ports and one HDMI port which serves to facilitate the connection between the robot and other devices.

It doesn't stop there, the 3 kg robot can also recognize body postures and detect human faces. This ability is thanks to the support of sensors embedded in the robot. This means that CyberDog can recognize its owner even in a crowd.

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