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Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy On Mali Troubled Situation Comes To Pass

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Top African country, Mali is not enjoying a serene situation as we speak. The country has been sanctions by ECOWAS over issues relating to the restoration of democracy in the country.

It would be recalled that a coup took place in the country in 2020 and it led to the termination of a democratic government and a transition to a military government.

When this happened, meetings were held and the military junta promised to hand over power to a democratic government after 18-months. An election date was set but it seems the promise is not being kept. This has led to the trouble times Mali is currently passing through in the hands of ECOWAS.

Meanwhile, before the coup took place, Popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele had warned against it. After the coup, the man of God spoke again and revealed that the interim military leader of the country will work under serious pressure to avoid an extension of the 18-months but there will be troubles, turmoil and attacks. He released this prophetic revelation in June 2021.

These were his words

‘’ “The new Mali president will be working under serious pressure just for him not to extend his tenure, He will want to do better but let them pray against troubles, turmoil and attack. The president must watch his movement because rebels will want to destabilize his government. The junta of the military will need to call for the support of the international community’’

Just as he said it, the issue in Mali right now is mirroring the prophecy of this man of God. The major issue being faced by the military head is because of the 18-month time frame. According to the military leader who has requested for a 5-year extension, the reason for it is simply for security reasons.

In the newly released 2022 prophecies of Primate Ayodele, Mali was mentioned and he categorically said the proposed election will be frustrated.

These were his words

‘’ I foresee that there will be a serious bomb blast in Mali that will kill several people. I foresee that the election in Mali will be frustrated.’’

As the globally recognized man of God has said it, it has come to pass.

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