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David Onwualu Beaten By St.Valerian Catholic School Teacher, Died & Buried

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Catholic School Hurriedly Buries JSS1 Student Who Died After ‘Maltreatment by Teacher’

Izuchukwu David Onwualu, an 11-year-old JSS 1 student at St.Valerian Catholic School in Onitsha, Anambra State, has allegedly died after maltreatment by a female basic science teacher in the school. But the school, in an attempt to cover up the case, gave the boy’s father some money and hurriedly buried the boy.

Dubem Onwualu Christopher, the deceased’s father, said he took his son to the school on a motorcycle on Tuesday morning, only to see him writhing in pain in the evening.

“I left the school to where my wife and I sold carbonated drinks near my house,” 

Christopher said he was in the market to get beverages for dinner when his wife called that his son was not feeling fine. On getting home, he met david writhing in pain. “My wife was pouring water on him and, at the same time, crying for help,” he said.

David’s classmates were present, said Christopher, and they revealed it was their basic science teacher that maltreated him. The students, in a clip, revealed that the teacher repeatedly hit Izuchukwu with a plastic bottle on his head. According to them, the teacher was angry because he did not do his assignment.

Christopher would later be made to do the assignment on the spot. "Nobody did anything while our teacher was flogging him,” one of David’s classmates says in a video obtained newsmen . “She was always flogging him when he misbehaved. If he wrote slowly, she flogged him. If she played roughly, she flogged him.”

“When she was flogging him, she did not know he would hit his head on the wall. She flogged him, but he was not crying, so she kept flogging him to make sure he cried. During the flogging, he broke free and hit his head on the wall.”

David’s classmates later disclosed that Izuchukwu was complaining of a headache after the incident.

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