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'The Story Of My Uncle's Marriage Is A Horrifying One', Nigerian Cries Out:

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The story of my uncle's wedded life is a horrifying one.

My uncle has gotten more than he can ever bargain for in this journey of marriage.

The wife has been a source of sleepless nights and so much pain for my uncle. She is suffering from full blown madness that comes and goes, like when it strikes, my uncle will do all he can to bring her to normal. From endless borrowing to even taking long loans from his place of work to make sure she is revived. Which seems to be futile anyway as before long the illness will come back again.

This has been going on since they got married. And my uncle has been handling the situation like a good husband. There have been three episodes since I started staying with my uncle early 2018 but this last one seems to be the worst of its kind. Made worst actually by the economic situation of the country.

Because the people he goes to for help his christian colleagues in a redeemed parish cannot afford to help him again. Not thier fault.. as things has changed the past few months.

Anguish have taken over my dear uncle. Sometimes I fear for him not to take an extreme measure or for his health not to detoriate further. Do we start talking about millions in debt.

My uncle has become a symbol of "it shall not be my portion" and I don't want to advice him because I will make sure he severes any ties with the wife kpatakpata.

My self I am deeply affected as I cannot watch him suffer and refrain from helping him from the little I have. Right now I have given up my savings that was to fund my binance account for trading. And I will definitely borrow to help him as he's being like my other dad since I came to Lagos.

The story is long I'd have to stop here.

- NL/ Goodlyhrt

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